How Liftow Limited gets the largest possible exposure of their catalogs using FlippingBook Publisher

Liftow Limited has been one of the world's largest forklift dealers for over 50 years. They provide their clients with solutions for the day-to-day operations offering everything connected with forklifts, customer service, forklift training and safety products. While striving to help their customers finding the safest, most productive and most cost-efficient solutions for their needs, they also stay innovative and provide their employees with modern technologies.

A challenge and the search for a solution

“Liftow Limited sells to all the Toyota forklift dealers in North America. Basically we invent products related to forklifts,” says David Cormack, the General manager at Liftow. The company has one basic catalog with a couple of hundreds of products, which is customized for each dealer and then printed and sent to about 70 dealers. Liftow wanted to find the best solution to get the largest possible exposure of their catalogs. Printed copies are still good, since sales representatives can hand them over to the end user. However, there was also a need to find another option to ease distribution.


FlippingBook Publisher has proven to be what Liftow was looking for. It allows them to easily create and distribute a large number of catalogs. They generate the catalogs for their dealers and upload them onto FlippingBook own server, so the dealers don’t have to bother with that. Liftow has added links to the FlippingBook version at the bottom of their emails so the clients can instantly download the catalogs. Four people in the company are involved in the production of the catalogs, and they also make online catalogs with the help of FlippingBook Publisher.

The company is now looking to create a newsletter using FlippingBook Publisher as well. It will be designed for the end users (the forklift operators) with things like new developments and safety tips. The newsletters will be created and customized with FlippingBook, but there will not be any printed copies, so there will hardly be any costs. The salesforce will send it out to build goodwill. With separate copies for each dealer, that would mean that Liftow will be producing up to 1200 newsletters per year.


Everybody at Liftow is really happy with FlippingBook Publisher.

It works well, it’s simple, it has never failed us, so we can’t even give any suggestions on what needs improvement.

Liftow’s online catalogs are generating a lot of extra attention. They don’t keep statistics about the downloads of the catalogs, but communication with clients proves the point. For example, some time ago they had to change the links to the catalogs for about four of their dealers for technical reasons. They didn’t make the change straight away, but after 3 days the links were changed all 4 dealers called and they were so grateful when the links were working again; it’s that important to them – and indirectly to Liftow.

Different types of online material are pretty widespread now, and there are a lot of variants. But with some of them, there always seem to be something that works in an unexpected way. That’s why the clients like best the materials made with the help of FlippingBook Publisher. They work well and are intuitive to use. Liftow gets a lot of compliments about the quality, the comfortable viewing and the professional look. The cost/benefit ratio is excellent. They are going to expand the use of Publisher dramatically and plan to stay a loyal customer for many years.

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