How Webcrab modernizes publishers’ businesses with the help of FlippingBook Publisher

Webcrab is a web agency from Vienna consisting of young professionals who support and modernize websites for their clients. Part of the company’s success is that Webcrab understands each client’s business and it has an easy and efficient way of dealing with their requests.

A challenge and the search for a solution

Webcrab’s primary goals are to help their clients to look great in digital with the help of modern websites, to present all their materials online at their best and to drive attention to the content.

Some of the clients that come to Webcrab not only need professional websites but also it’s essential for them to place their valuable content online. For example, publishing businesses that have tons of printed materials and PDFs want to transfer them to digital. However, magazines and catalogs in PDFs don’t look great on the web, they load slow and it’s hard to read them.

As Philip Fickl, CEO and Founder of Webcrab, remembers:

I saw flipbooks as an emerging trend. There haven't been a lot of websites which had a flipbook back in 2009 - most of them just had their PDF for a download. As my client had no idea what was possible at the time, he also asked me to put the PDFs online. But I wanted him to stand out and offer the monthly issues of his magazine in a more appropriate form online.

So Webcrab team came across FlippingBook Publisher, which allowed them to make fast interactive publications with a flipping effect from plain PDFs. And they offered their clients to place their materials as flipbooks with the help of the software.

Philip Fickl says: “After studying different options, FlippingBook Publisher turned out to be the most professional and yet simple solution. And it still is today.”


So Webcrab started offering FlippingBook Publisher to its clients who were interested in such solutions. With the help of FlippingBook Publisher, they can add their own branding and style and their readers can access interactive documents on any device to find all the information they need, thanks to the convenient Search and Table of Contents.

All these features are essential for publishers, for example, because they want to make their digital material look professional and easy to access.

Thus, instead of dealing with PDFs, which open slow and are hard to read, they can create interactive online documents with a great professional look.

The recent clients of Webcrab that use FlippingBook Publisher are i-Magazin - big publishing house and Autlook - non-governmental organization that makes lots of historic books.

In 2015, Webcrab started offering another solution from FlippingBook – a branded mobile app. The materials uploaded to the mobile app are easy to use and update, they are very fast (you can open them on any page and start reading right away). Recently, one of Webcrab’s clients – a big Austrian publishing house – implemented this solution in their business.

A FlippingBook mobile app gives instant access to new issues of a publication. This way the readers can always be in the picture and won’t miss the latest edition. They are able to read them wherever they want – at home, at work, when traveling. It’s like having a library in their pocket.

Here is how Philip Fickl describes the key features of FlippingBook products that are the most important for Webcrab and their clients:

  • “Usability compared to PDFs in the web: The content can be viewed seamlessly. There is convenient navigation and unique branding, and the material can be easily updated with just one click.
  • Faster opening: Digital publications open fast regardless of their size.
  • Embedding of interactive content (videos, images, links): Interactivity engages the readers and makes communication more effective.
  • Downloading and sharing of a whole publication as well as single pages: It’s very important for customers to be able to download a single page from a catalog or brochure, and to print it or make notes.

These are the points I most often hear from my clients!”


Now Webcrab uses FlippingBook for seven clients. Three of them have a big number of publications – about twenty books on their website.

Webcrab keeps getting positive feedback from their clients. They are happy with FlippingBook Publisher because it helps them to have all their books digitalized (200 to ~1500 pages depending on the book). They can put their monthly issues on their website and upload them to their mobile app. These digital materials have many useful options, such as convenient navigation, easy access and interactivity.

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