Customer story: Liftow Limited

“FlippingBook Publisher has proven to be what we’ve been looking for. It allows us to easily create and distribute a large number of catalogs. The catalogs are generated for our dealers and uploaded onto FlippingBook server.”
David Cormack
General Manager at Liftow Limited
Customer story: Liftow Limited

How Liftow Improves the Work Process for their Dealers with FlippingBook Publisher

Liftow Limited (Liftow) has been one of the world's largest forklift dealers for over 50 years. They provide their clients with solutions for day-to-day operations, offering everything connected with forklifts, customer service, forklift training and safety products. While helping their customers find the safest, most productive, and most cost-efficient solutions for their needs, they also stay innovative and provide their employees with modern technologies.

Challenge and Search for Solution

Liftow Limited sells to all the Toyota forklift dealers in North America. Basically we invent products related to forklifts.

Liftow has one basic catalog with a couple hundred products in it. The catalog is customized for each dealer, then printed, and sent to about 70 dealers. Liftow wanted to find the best solution to get the largest possible exposure of their catalogs. Printed copies were still good, since sales representatives could hand them over to the end user. However, the company needed to find an additional solution to ease distribution.


FlippingBook Publisher works well for Liftow. With it, they can easily create and distribute a large number of documents. They generate catalogs for their dealers, and then the catalogs are uploaded onto FlippingBook’s server. Four people in the company are involved in the production of printed catalogs, and they also make online catalogs with FlippingBook Publisher. Liftow adds direct links to their FlippingBook documents at the bottom of their emails, so the clients can instantly download the catalogs.

The company is now looking to create a newsletter using FlippingBook Publisher as well. It will be designed for the end users (forklift operators) with safety tips and information on new developments. The newsletters will be created and customized with FlippingBook, and since they won’t be printed out, there will hardly be any costs. The salesforce will send the newsletters out to build goodwill. With separate copies for each dealer, Liftow will be producing up to 1,200 newsletters a year.


Liftow’s online catalogs are generating a lot of attention. The company doesn’t keep statistics about the downloads of the catalogs, but they receive feedback from their clients. For example, four of their dealers called to express their gratitude when Liftow fixed the links in their catalogs. Due to a technical issue the links weren’t working for those four dealers, but once the problem was resolved, they just had to thank the company. The catalogs are that important to them – and indirectly, to Liftow.

With different types of digital publishing tools out there, it’s hard to find one that will work exactly how you want it to. Luckily, Liftow clients enjoy the catalogs created with FlippingBook Publisher: they work well and are intuitive. Liftow gets a lot of compliments about the quality, the comfort of viewing, and the professional look of their documents. Plus, the cost-benefit ratio is excellent. They are going to expand the use of the tool dramatically and plan to remain a loyal FlippingBook customer for many years.

FlippingBook works well. It’s simple, it has never failed us, so we can’t even give any suggestions on what needs improvement.

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