Customer story: Ensemble Enabler

“FlippingBook makes it incredibly easy to provide all kinds of materials to our clients.”
Patricia Munro
Patricia Munro
Creative Experience Enabler at Ensemble Enabler
Customer Story: Ensemble Enabler

How Ensemble Enabler Delivers Content to Clients While Protecting Intellectual Property with FlippingBook Online

Ensemble Enabler is a German organizational and leadership company that provides peer-to-peer education for companies of all sizes. They collaborate with their clients in four areas: organizational learning, leading in networks, fluid collaboration, and transparent communication, thus helping companies overcome their challenges in the VUCA age and achieve their goals.


In their work with their customers, Ensemble Enabler uses a lot of digital documentation, from an online newsletter to additional course materials and digital workbooks. For a long time, they distributed digital documents in one way only—via print. But, when the pandemic hit, printing and handing out paper copies became a challenge, and Ensemble Enabler decided to look for an alternative.

They started by emailing PDFs and PowerPoint files to their clients and sharing slides they’d shown at webinars via SlideShare. But those seemed to be crude, old-school solutions, with limited functionality and poor aesthetics. Being a digital-savvy company, Ensemble Enabler strove to do better:

We wanted to demonstrate to people that we are a digital company and are able to provide optimal digital experiences to our clients.

Apart from the visual and functionality goals, document safety was also a concern: Ensemble Enabler needed to be assured that, when shared, their intellectual property stayed secure from unwanted distribution.

Search for Solution and Solution

Jeffrey Beeson, the Chief Enabling Officer of Ensemble Enabler, was the one who did research on all the alternate ways the company could possibly deliver their digital content. Back then, Ensemble Enabler was ready to start publishing their brand new online newsletter, The Ripple, and wanted it to look its best. In his searches, Jeffrey came upon the flipbook format. It seemed to be the perfect match for their digital publication. It was just the matter of choosing the one flipbook maker that was best suited for their needs.

I looked through the various companies offering the flipbook format, and we decided that FlippingBook was definitely the best provider for our purposes.

For Ensemble Enabler, FlippingBook checked all the boxes, from the ease of sharing to security. They also liked the interactivity of online flipbooks made via FlippingBook as well as the overall look and feel:

You could embed videos and GIFs, which was very useful. I also liked the feel and the sound of moving pages—there’s something reminiscent of previous times about that.


Ensemble Enabler has since been using FlippingBook to publish their digital newsletter The Ripple as well as distribute workbooks and other learning materials for their webinars. Their audience has enjoyed this innovation quite a lot.

The reaction of our clients upon opening up a flipbook is basically, Oh wow.

With FlippingBook, even Ensemble Enabler's clients working from home offices or remote geographical locations have access to all the documents they need—and in an interactive and user-friendly format, as well. All the while, Ensemble Enabler’s intellectual property stays secure, safely protected from Google indexing and unwanted sharing.

Ensemble Enabler also appreciates how they are able to track their clients’ activity with their documents via FlippingBook analytics. Just by looking at the stats, they can evaluate their content performance better and plan ahead accordingly.

It’s very informative for us to know what content is particularly well-visited by our audience.

All in all, Ensemble Enabler is continually finding new ways of using FlippingBook.

It started with the newsletter, then we moved to webinars and sending content. At the moment we have three different uses for FlippingBook, and I can imagine this only expanding further.

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