How to Make a Digital Brochure: Tricks and Tips

Making digital brochure

If you make digital brochures, flyers, leaflets, booklets, or pamphlets, you know that it takes a lot of effort to design them to be eye-catching and comfortable for viewing online.

And still, digital brochures have many benefits and are totally worth it. Thanks to digital technologies, you can create brochures quite easily and in many ways: make them from scratch, use templates, or convert a PDF to a digital brochure. Plus, they’re specially tailored to look amazing on the web and have many interactive perks.

See for yourself! Check out how engaging an online travel brochure can look. The cover and the background image complement each other beautifully, and you just want to delve into reading the brochure right away.

Treasures of Bangkok

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Have you noticed that text, header, and images go together very well in this city guide? It helps to create a special atmosphere in the brochure.


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We hope that these examples will inspire you to start creating digital brochures for your business. 


How to Create a Digital Brochure

Captivating content and design play a big role in creating a great impression of your products and services, no matter what business you have. Below are some general tips to follow when designing and writing your brochure even if you don’t have much experience in creating marketing content.


#1 Design an Engaging Cover

The most important role of a brochure's front cover is to entice the reader to open the brochure. So your main task is to focus on making the cover articulate and compelling in order to achieve maximum impact at first sight. Here’s what you can do:

  • Give your cover a single message that is clear and engaging and tells the readers what to expect from your brochure right away.
  • Create a cutout that reveals a sneak peek of what’s inside and place it on your cover. It’s a good guarantee that the readers will take a peek under the hood.
  • Choose beautiful, original illustrations for your cover, and be sure to use only high-resolution images for the best results. The photos will represent your brand, company, and products so make sure they represent high quality and professionalism.

For instance, check out this digital brochure, made with FlippingBook Online, an online brochure maker. The bright purple colors, unique idea for an illustration, and big visible heading draw readers' attention straightaway.

Virgin Media Booklet

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#2 Make the Content Pleasant and Convenient to Read

The main content of the brochure should be pleasant to the eye and comfortable to read, so make it concise and skimmable. Use descriptive headers, keep paragraphs under four lines, add subheadings for every two to three paragraphs, and incorporate lists and bullet points.

As far as colors are concerned, use solid colors and background images to define brochure sections and don’t use more than two or three colors and fonts. Choose one style and be consistent throughout the whole brochure. It will help you create an impression of an aesthetically pleasant and highly professional online brochure that people are eager to read.


#3 Enhance Your Brochure with Interactivity

Today, many digital brochure maker software give you a great opportunity to add various interactive elements to your content such as:

  • Videos. Embedding a video to your digital brochure is a good way to enrich your content. It adds value to your brochure and shows your expertise. What’s more, videos help deliver information quickly and effortlessly because not many people take the time to read long texts.
  • Pop-up images. Nowadays, images are used to enhance the reader’s understanding of the material you cover. And when you add a pop-up image, it becomes a clickable high-resolution preview that allows readers to study all the details of your visual and makes their reading experience even more convenient.
  • GIFs are best for quick instructions, roundups, and just for fun. They always lighten up the mood and make your content engaging.
  • Links. You can make any content in your brochure clickable: text, images, VoIP numbers, or emails. Use all the options you have—create an interactive table of contents, include clickable in-text citations, and link back to your website, blog, or other useful resources.

See, how great the videos can look in a digital brochure. Tons of knowledge on one page!

Swansea University Postgraduate Prospectus

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#4 Add a Compelling Call to Action

One of the most important elements of your product brochure design is the call to action (CTA). It needs to be prominent because it leads to the action you want your clients to take (the purpose of the brochure). 

The best CTA phrases are brief and use strong verbs that speak directly to the reader. Instead of weaker call to action words like ‘Click here’, an effective call to action phrase will use more specific words that speak directly to the desired outcome. For example: ‘Join our community’, ‘Book your next adventure'. Even ‘Start your free trial’ or ‘Download now’ work quite nicely because the intentions are clear and honest. 


#5 Launch and Promote

Congrats! You’ve created your brochure online. Now it’s time to let the world know about it. You may have already decided how to promote and share it to achieve your marketing and sales goals, so we’ll just cover the main methods here:

  • Launch a special email campaign to share the online brochure with your clients and readers.
  • Create a landing page on your website to advertise your new brochure. Don’t forget to feature a CTA or a link to your new landing page on a resource page or even your homepage.
  • Leverage paid advertising and co-marketing partnerships that will help you promote your brochure to a new audience.
  • Announce your new brochure launch on social media and insert a link to it in your posts.
  • Write relevant and clear title and description for your brochure to make it easy and fast for your clients to find it on Google.

If you want to create an effective digital sales brochure, read our article to learn the tips and tricks on how to create a brochure that is easy to track, converts prospects into clients, and increases sales.

Go on, Get out there with Your New Brochure

So there you have it—you’re fully equipped with knowledge on how to make a brochure online to empower your marketing and sales activities.

And that’s great because a brochure is a place where you can be creative and try new things when deciding on the design, writing the content, and promoting it on the web. The process helps you expand your horizons, improve your skills, and get to know your audience better. Plus, of course, it grabs your clients’ attention and works for your business success.


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