How reader's notes in flipbooks work?

Product: FlippingBook Online

Our Notes feature allows your readers to add their own personal notes to your flipbooks. Such notes are visible only to the reader who created them. Once a note is added to a flipbook, your reader can see it again the next time that they open the flipbook. It is a great way to add comments, review documents, jot down important information or simply mark the place where you stopped reading the book. Your users can also see a complete overview of all the notes they have added to a flipbook, with page numbers. This allows them to bookmark the pages that are especially important to them.

Here are the guidelines on how to add a Note to your FlippingBook Online flipbook:

  1. Open the flipbook.
  2. Click on the button Add Note at the top right corner of the flipbook.
    1. Choose a color for the Note icon and write down your Note. You can drag click your note anywhere on the page.
    2. Click anywhere in your flipbook to hide the textbox.

Whenever your readers want to read their note, they will just need to click on the Note icon located in your flipbook.

Also, they can review all of their Notes by just clicking on the button Notes at the bottom of the flipbook. Once they click that button, a list of their notes will appear on the left side of the page:

To delete a note, your readers can click on the Note icon in the flipbook, click on the text in it, and then on the Recycle Bin icon.

Note! Notes that your readers add are only available in the browser that they created them in. If the flipbook is opened in a different browser, no notes will be available there. Notes would also be gone if they delete the browser cookies.

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