• Should I renew my subscription if I don’t use FlippingBook Cloud?

If you update your subscription you’ll be able to upgrade software to the latest version. The importance of upgrades for your business depends on the answers to the following questions:

  1. Does your audience widely use mobile devices to access your publications?

    If your answer is a confident «yes», then do produce your publications using the latest version of FlippingBook Publisher. This is because mobile operating systems and browsers are changing very rapidly. New smartphone models are released almost every quarter. In this environment FlippingBook is your guarantee of the reliable management of your publications without bugs. Our job is it to keep technology up-to-date and provide it to you with new releases of FlippingBook Publisher.

  2. Does your publications content need to have an excellent look on any device every day?

    If you are involved with web development in any way, you understand how much effort is needed to maintain a website with no visual bugs across all devices, operating systems and browsers. We do this job for you and provide an excellent look for your publications on any popular device.

  3. Do you need new features that we’ve developed?

    Check the release notes to see if there is anything useful for your business in recent FlippingBook Publisher releases. If you can answer «yes», go ahead and update your subscription in your personal account.

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