• Why renew FlippingBook Services subscription?

When you buy FlippingBook Publisher, you can use it forever, as long as you host the publications on your own server. No catch.

But we offer a paid annual subscription to FlippingBook Services. It gives you regular software updates, hosting in FlippingBook Cloud and high-priority support.

Get features and improvements once in 3-4 months
We release 3-4 major updates a year. «Major» means there are new features and important workflow improvements. You get new publication looks, better embeds for social and mobile devices, new languages and settings you’ve asked for. Our release notes will show you the progress we’ve made for the past six years.

Keep your publications compatible with the latest browsers and devices
If Google or Apple change something drastically and your publications go out of date, the first people to notice it will be your clients. They simply won’t see your documents or see them with glitches. Regular updates help you avoid that.

Again — some compatibility issues can only be solved with the newer software version. So, as much as we’d love to help you, sometimes the only way out is the software update.

Host in FlippingBook Cloud
If you keep your documents in FlippingBook Cloud, you’ll need to renew the subscription. Once it expires, your publications go offline. They are removed from our server after 6 months of inactivity, so make sure you renew your subscription on time. By the way, hosting with us gives some advantages.

When you renew the subscription, you give us the opportunity to keep developing the software for you. Thank you for being with us and supporting our work!

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