• What does "Workstation" mean?

Each FlippingBook license has a certain number of workstations, depending on the edition. A workstation is a computer on which you install the software. When you install FlippingBook Publisher on your computer, this automatically registers this installation in our licensing database, using one workstation of your license.

For example, if you go with FlippingBook Publisher Business 3, you can install and use it on three computers at the same time and we will have 3 installations in our licensing database. If you try to install Publisher on 4th computer, you will have the issue we describe in our article about the Error "Installation limit exceeded".

As for all the editions we offer and the number of available workstations, here they are:

FlippingBook Publisher Professional edition can be used on 2 computers.

FlippingBook Publisher Business 3 edition can be installed on 3 computers.

FlippingBook Publisher Business 10, 20 and 30 can be used on 10, 20, 30 computers respectively.

Note!If you need more workstations, you can always upgrade FlippingBook Publisher.

Also, in case you need more workstations but you have FlippingBook Publisher on a computer you don’t use anymore, you can always unregister your license from computer and install the software to another. You can find out how you can do this in our article How do I reinstall FlippingBook Publisher?

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