What information do you collect when I open the book?

According to our Privacy Policy, we may automatically collect some data when you access one of the books created in our service.

If you want to disclose the details about all items that may be created once the viewer opens the book, you can provide the following list. The information is stored in two properties: localStorage and sessionStorage. (we do not use Cookies)

Information stored in localStorage:

  • FlippingBook.FBO.Infrastructure.RandomSeed – a session key for analytics purposes to differentiate returning users from new users;
  • an item that looks like 05e85f7360a2b89850a5079b8eacc84c_pw – stores information for password-protected flipbooks so users who already entered the password don't have to repeat it on subsequent visits;
  • an item that looks like _Mzk0ZGQwOTRiYmQ2NDRmMmI3NjljYzcxZjVjNTg5ZjYwNWU4NWY3MzYwYTJiODk4NTBhNTA3OWI4ZWFjYzg0Yw== – stores provided information for flipbooks with a Lead Capture Form so users who already filled out the form don't have to do so on subsequent visits;
  • in-app_notice_dismissed – information about hiding the in-book banner about cookies;
  • wheelScroll – information on page mouse wheel scrolling being enabled or disabled;
  • clientId – information about the viewer for Google Analytics tracking;
  • <book URL>~page~index – information about all notes made by the viewer in the book;
  • <book URL>~page<page number> – information about all notes on a specific page with the exact coordinates of each note.

Information stored in sessionStorage:

  • psid_xx – information about book usage for its Stats section in FlippingBook Online.
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