How Ray White Canberra successfully uses FlippingBook Publisher to present sales content in a more efficient way

Ray White Canberra is an Australia’s largest property advertiser. The handpicked team of sales agents handles everything from studio apartments to multimillion-dollar campaigns and help to find the right buyer and the best price for a property. The company works mostly with property buyers, property sellers, investors, developers, and owners.

A challenge and the search for a solution

Ray White Canberra was looking for the best solution that could help the company keep up with the latest technology and allow it to easily and quickly create electronic presentations for its sales team without paying a fortune to do so. The company also needed software that could help create welcome packs for new owners—materials that contain essential information on the property, as well as links and educational videos. These packs are of high importance to the company, and they have to look great and communicate information to customers in a most effective way.

Karen Ferguson, marketing manager at Ray White Canberra, wanted to find a solution that allows her to create good-looking publications herself without outsourcing to any companies, because it can be rather costly.

Definitely, the cost is a major factor. Being able to be in control of creating something myself for our business is a much easier and cheaper option than trying to get an external company to create it for us. Among other things, I create a biannual glossy hard-copy publication, ‘CityStyle Magazine,’ with the help of FlippingBook and upload it to the front page of our website. A great element is having the facility to add videos and links.


Ray White Canberra turned to FlippingBook because it allowed the company to easily create beautiful, professional-looking publications that the company can send to clients, embed on its website, and use in its owners’ packs.

Here’s what Karen Ferguson says about working with FlippingBook Publisher:

Within the last 12 months, I have worked on coordinating the production of a series of short educational and portal tutorial videos. I made our new owners’ welcome pack with the help of FlippingBook. Owners receive a beautiful glossy folder with the USB stick enclosed. They have the option to view the publication online, with Mac or Windows versions.

The most important thing has been the ability to customize the background, logos, and colors, to add the company’s own branding, and to embed the new educational videos within the document.


FlippingBook has helped Ray White Canberra achieve all the results it was looking for.

Creating the finalized PDF publication is usually pretty quick and easy. I’m in the process of training the administrative team for Strata to send out the new owners’ welcome packs. My only challenge is training someone that’s not very familiar or IT-savvy working with FlippingBook, but we will get there in the end.

Ray White Canberra has not received a great deal of feedback to date but expects to receive it shortly from the new owners who receive the welcome pack with the USB drive. It hopes that this will be a success with owners who access the USB version. It’s really just a much nicer way of presenting information that is relevant to them and their building. Ray White Canberra hopes to continue using FlippingBook for many future projects.

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