How Camlog integrates FlippingBook into its industry completely changing the way of working with catalogs

Camlog is a leading supplier of comprehensive systems and products for implant and restorative dentistry. Its implant systems are characterized by an ideal number of system components and easy and efficient handling properties. The company always strives to work with its customers and partners, communicating and listening to them, and it is constantly improving its services.

A challenge and the search for a solution

Camlog saw that the dental industry was faced with the challenge of changing, diversifying and adapting. The industry needed to deal with new technologies, materials and concepts, and think out of the box. Camlog looked into its statistics, and saw that over 26% of all Camlog corporate website visitors use a mobile device. They are very busy and it’s essential for them to open catalogs quickly and find specific information without losing time. Camlog’s catalogs didn’t look nice on mobile devices and it was really hard to find information in them. That’s why the main features Camlog wanted to see in its catalogs were convenient search tools and compatibility with various devices.

We were looking for an alternative of our old FreshFlash catalog software. It wasn’t possible to use it with iOS devices. Furthermore, the user experience was too bad and we missed important functions. We chose FlippingBook because the possibilities are so various. FlippingBook is easy to use and the user experience is very good. The crucial factor was the price–performance ratio. The abonnement model of the other competitors wasn’t attractive for us.


FlippingBook provided Camlog with a professional solution for converting PDFs into digital documents that open smoothly, have convenient navigation and look great on any device. It has successfully integrated FlippingBook publications into its work outside and inside the company. Here’s what Markus says about their work with publications:

We have three main types of FlippingBook publications: marketing brochures, product catalogs and work instructions. The most important publications for us and for our customers are three product catalogs (CAMLOG, CONELOG and iSy) and in Germany additionally DEDICAM and Education/Event catalog.

Camlog uses different channels to market its catalogs:

  • Corporate websites—All its publications are integrated into its websites.
  • Newsletter—This is sent to all registered customers.
  • Internal communications—The Event Department and Customer Services use FlippingBook daily inside the company.

The sizes of Camlog publications can vary significantly depending on the type of document, and it can be hard to share a document that has many pages. FlippingBook allows Camlog to send digital catalogs via email, no matter how large they are, by simply inserting a link to the document directly into the email.


By working with FlippingBook, Camlog has fully achieved its goals, and is very happy with the solution. Here’s what Markus says about how they work with FlippingBook: “When we started working with FlippingBook in 2015, we transferred over 70 German brochures and catalogs (created with previous software) to FlippingBook format. This summer we have created 70 new English brochures using FlippingBook software. In the meantime, we have generated around 120 FlippingBooks; 80% to 90% are changed regularly (work instructions, product catalogs, event book, partner magazine, etc.).”

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