How to Create Merry and Bright Holiday Newsletters to Inspire Your Audience and Boost Sales

The holidays are just around the corner. The season for shopping, gift-wrapping, putting fairy lights everywhere, and bringing good tidings to your loved ones. Is there a place for marketing during the holidays? Sure there is. Especially for holiday email campaigns that are sincere, out-of-the-box, festive, and fun.

Holiday email marketing is a great chance to talk to your customers in a truly authentic, non-businessy way, from your ‘family’ to theirs, so to speak. You can show your personality and be friendly and sweet.

So, let’s talk about the creative holiday newsletter ideas, tips, and tricks to get in the joyful spirit, connect with your audience, and boost sales.


#1 Design Your Newsletters with Seasonal Accents

Do you have marvelous images or infographics that you love but consider them too colorful or bold for your usual newsletters? Or maybe you used them just once for nurturing leads with your email campaigns? Go grab these visuals—you’re going to include them into your holiday marketing strategy, as inspiring and engaging is exactly what you need here.

Don’t forget about festive colors, bright titles, and special fonts, or even a winter edition of your logo. Because color and style are powerful and essential tools for dressing up your marketing content like newsletters, flipbooks, or catalogs to match the merry mood. There’s a big variety of holiday colors to choose from—you don’t have to use green and red all the time. Gold, orange, and blue work just as well.

Check out how colorful and bright this interactive flipbook is. Do you feel like eating the pumpkin right away? We do.

Medisys Magazine October Issue

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Newsletter inspiration for your holiday marketing

Holiday newsletter idea #1

The first thing you notice when opening this Thanksgiving newsletter is its deep orange color that helps you understand what the email is all about and immediately brings up memories of warm family gatherings. The holiday newsletter example's simple, heartfelt wishes reflect the human values that really matter. All in all, this thanksgiving newsletter idea conveys the holiday message perfectly and cheers the reader up.

Thanksgiving email example from Really Good Emails

Holiday newsletter idea #2

These last months of the year are a great time for you to promote your business and increase sales. While the 2022 season focused on increasing profitability during a challenging economy, Salesforce’s holiday shopping predictions show that 2023 is all about keeping loyal customers happy. 

So it seems only natural that the best Christmas newsletter idea can be creating a bright and fun holiday promotional campaign that offers your clients great discounts. Plus, in the chaos of festive preparations, your readers will be happy to get useful gift ideas from you.

And how do you find this New Year newsletter idea? Minimalistic but stylish and fresh. Just what catches the eye! Plus, this holiday newsletter example has all the essential info in its header, so the customers can click on the buttons and go to the website right away. 


New Year email example from Really Good Emails


#2 Add Interactivity to Enrich Your Holiday Newsletters

Ah, this wonderful atmosphere: pumpkin, the queen of the season, sparkling lights, festive garlands, and wreaths. Adding these elements to your newsletters and making them interactive is a great improvement to a traditional holiday email. Engaging interactive flipbooks and beautiful holiday catalogs, GIFs, videos, and gamification will help you drive your readers’ attention during the peak email season. Don’t forget about sliders, rotating banners, and countdown timers to enhance your emails.

Here at FlippingBook, we're always looking forward to the holiday season because it's time to let our imagination soar, think about the fresh holiday newsletter ideas, and start crafting Christmas newsletters. And, of course, we include special festive flipbooks into our emails. Like this one, for example. We had so much fun creating it!

Digital flipbooks, compared to plain PDFs, can be added nicely right into the newsletters: simply add a link to it, insert an image and a link to your flipbook, or even use a GIF preview with a link to make your holiday newsletter even more engaging.


#3 Include a Message of Gratitude

Holiday season is also a season of gratitude and giving thanks. This is your chance to connect with your audience and show them that you value and appreciate them. So here's another holiday newsletter idea for you, especially if you send out holiday emails to your clients—add a Year-In-Review flipbook where you can talk about your clients and how they helped you grow this year.



#4 Give the Gift of Mobile-Friendly Emails

Mobile’s impact is undeniable, and mobile optimization for your email means a lot. So make your holiday newsletters look great on any device—crisp, clear, with convenient CTA’s, and a nice reading experience overall. If your holiday emails are mobile-friendly, it gives you a big advantage for the start of the season.


#5 Remind Your Customers What They Like

Imagine the pre-holiday days when your clients surf the web frantically trying to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones.  

And it’s when they start feeling desperate that they get an email from you with jolly gift guides and holiday catalogs to help select presents for friends and family. Yay, that’s just what they need! The timing is perfect: your clients get their gifts, and you increase your sales. Isn’t it a Christmas story where all the wishes come true?

For instance, look at this cute email. Personalized holiday gifts? Yes, please. For your loved ones. And maybe for you too.

Source: Really Good Emails


#6 Experience the Magic with Your Christmas Advent Calendar

The holiday season offers many opportunities to get creative with your newsletter marketing. Get your customers in a Christmas mood by creating an Advent calendar for them. A festive and interactive newsletter with Advent calendar can boost your sales and bring you new leads. You can fill it with special offers, discount codes, fun videos, engaging images — whatever you decide. A nice mix of helpful content and attractive discounts can turn your customers into loyal fans who look forward to your every email. 

Check our example of the Christmas Advent calendar filled with the Gingerbread latte recipe, gift-wrapping video tips, interactive GIFs, and other festive content.

Christmas Advent Calendar

Make the Most of the Holiday Season

Seasonal cheer calls for an enthusiastic and creative approach. Craft holiday emails that resonate with your audience and warm their hearts: offer helpful tips, beautiful gift selections, decoration ideas, and spread goodwill and cheer. Be creative with your words as well; use similes and metaphors to delight your readers and show off your wit.

This will be an amazing opportunity to connect with your audience, win their trust, and have memorable precious moments when creating and sending out your holiday newsletters. Not to mention that holidays will help you get brand awareness and increase sales. Just don’t make these your primary goals, stick to the festive cheer instead. Go out there and have a gorgeous holiday season!


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