How to Create an Interactive Holiday Catalog That Inspires Your Clients and Boosts Sales

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The holiday season has already begun. The pace of our lives speeds up and emotions run high. It all begins with Thanksgiving, then Black Friday and Cyber Monday, leading up to Christmas and New Year.

These last months of the year are a great time for you to promote your business and increase sales. According to Deloitte’s annual holiday forecast, holiday retail sales are likely to increase between 4.5% and 5% year-over-year in 2019. Overall, Deloitte's retail and distribution practice projects that holiday sales will exceed $1.1 trillion during the November 2019-January 2020 timeframe.

Here’s where a holiday catalog or a gift guide comes into play. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, a catalog or gift guide can play a leading role in your holiday promotions.

So let’s see how to make catalogs and gift guides the stars of your holiday marketing.

By the way, if you don’t have PDFs yet, read about easy-to-use tools that help you create PDFs from scratch in no time. And if you have print-ready PDFs, you can easily turn them into interactive online catalogs that engage and inspire. 

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Design your catalog in holiday style to drive more attention

The holiday season is the time of festive feelings and traditional activities. So, even if your brand style is rather formal, you can add a bit of holiday cheer to your marketing materials to create an emotional connection with your clients.

The easiest thing to do it is to design your catalog with seasonal accents: add holiday images and colors, bright titles and special fonts, or even a winter edition of your logo.

Look how Christmas background creates a special holiday atmosphere and showcases your catalog at its best.

Fall Holiday 2018 Catalog

Color and style are powerful and essential tools for dressing up your catalogs to match the holiday mood. There’s a big variety of holiday colors to choose from – you don’t have to use green and red all the time: gold, orange, and blue work just as well. Don’t be afraid to be creative – think of this as an opportunity to add a human touch to your marketing activities.

You can get inspired by 10 unexpected color palettes for the holidays from Shutterstock and create your own unique ones.

Check out this nice looking catalog full of light and warmth. And adding company logo helps your clients to instantly recognize your brand and start reading right away. 

Pottery Barn Holiday 2018

Enrich your content with interactivity to increase sales

Holiday catalogs and gift guides are often centered on the best and most exclusive products and services. Because when customers know that certain items are in limited supply, they react.

Make these products the focus of your interactive catalog – put them on the cover and add links that lead to your website, so that your clients can purchase the products they need with just a few clicks. Doing this gives you more opportunities to create rich content and enhance your communication with your audience.

Plus, you can add pop-up images to showcase your products at their best. This way, your readers can look at all the details on a high-resolution image and decide what they need in no time. 

You can also add videos to your holiday catalog to make it more interactive. Tell a story about your products and add some nostalgia and sentiment if you wish in keeping with the holiday spirit.

Videos can be very effective for gaining traffic, views, and engagement, so a digital gift guide with compelling videos could be just the thing to get people interested in your products, allowing you to crush your holiday sales goals.

Go omnichannel to create a wider outreach

PDFs are the main format used for catalogs and guides, but they are not made for a seamless experience on the web and in social networks. Interactive online catalogs, on the other hand, are great for easily sharing what you have to offer and reaching a wide audience, including both current clients and new ones. When audiences are ready to buy your brand, be everywhere they are.

Use all available marketing channels – embed digital catalogs into your website, share them on social networks, or create a special holiday-themed marketing campaign centered around exclusive offers from the catalogs.

Keep in mind that you’re not only targeting clients who are looking for deals for themselves but also those who need a little help making purchases for loved ones. Holiday guides from your company might be exactly what they need.

Here are some great examples and useful ideas for your holiday email marketing.

Prepare your catalog for the best mobile experience

More than half of U.S. online holiday retail sales will originate on a mobile device so it’s essential that your viewers have a seamless experience with your catalogs and guides no matter the device they are using.

Make sure that the copy and images look sharp and clean on mobile devices and that links and videos are visible and easy to click and open. Mobile-friendly digital catalogs give you a competitive advantage over thousands of holiday marketing offers and help increase engagement and conversions.

Learn about the easy ways to create content that looks great on mobile devices.

‘Tis the season

There are many reasons to feel optimistic this holiday season.

We know this can be a stressful time of the year. But now, when you are able to create a great holiday catalog that is personal, relevant to your audience, and importantly, converts – you don’t have to worry.

After you have designed your catalogs and gift guides to work for you, you can sit back, find some time for yourself, reflect on a job well done, and see your sales and conversions grow.

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