How to Boost Your Conversion Rates with Interactive Emails

Interactive email

Interactivity has been a top email design trend for the last few years. No wonder, because interactive emails are an awesome way to drive engagement and increase conversions. It’s an entire interactive experience within an inbox. 

For instance, look at the results of the recent survey. Only 18% of respondents preferred traditional static email campaigns, while an impressive 82% were more likely to respond to an interactive message.

StatisticsSource: Zembula


So, let’s look at some of the hottest interactive email elements that are sure to engage your audience and boost conversions.


Add Value with Interactive Publications 

If you’re looking to boost conversions and make readers’ experience with your emails even more interactive, try adding links and CTAs that lead to professional-looking digital publications with a nice page flip effect.

You can’t add all the awesome interactive elements in your email at once, but you can incorporate some of them into your publications (just don’t overdo it). Images, GIFs, outbound links, and videos will make your publications more engaging, informative, and full of valuable knowledge. 

Such content is more likely to draw the eyes of your readers, raise their interest in your products and services, and ultimately, boost conversions.

So, if you want to offer valuable content in your email marketing campaigns, then online publications could be just the perfect fit.

Just look at this publication, full of festive atmosphere. It gives you a holiday mood and you want to start celebrating right away.

Pottery Barn Holiday Catalog 

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Entice Your Readers with GIFs

GIFs, no matter how you pronounce this word, are a great way to capture your subscribers’ attention. They are simple, but they stand out. And they’re designed to increase interactivity and enhance user engagement.

Don’t be afraid to use creativity in your emails because it helps create a connection with your audience. And when your audience likes and trusts you, they’re much more likely to open emails and click through to your website.

Interactive emails allow you to talk to your readers in a less formal, more conversational tone, making them see your brand as more human and approachable, which in turn, will make them want to connect with you.

Check out this snow globe with a cute llama. Don’t you want to share this GIF with your friends? And click through to see if there are more llamas on the website? 

Source: Really Good Emails


Use Short and Sweet Videos

Adding videos to your email campaigns is another perfect strategy to win the battle for the attention of your distracted audience.

Plus, video is a great opportunity to send different content types to your clients. You can create an informative video about the trends in your industry, a video that promotes your new products and services, or a how-to video that many people love much more than reading instructions.   

Sending video in an email is also a very convenient way of communicating with your audience—they can just click on the video and watch it right away. And if they get interested, they’ll click through to your website for sure. 

Just don’t make your videos too long—about 1-2 minutes is quite enough depending on the type of your video. Make sure the subject line contains the word “video,” which can increase open rates by 19%. And when the email body contains a clickable thumbnail, it increases clicks and conversions by 65%.


Incorporate Surveys, Polls, and Reviews

When you want to increase interactivity and clicks in your emails, then all kinds of surveys and polls can be of great help. Such surveys are easily accessible (right in an email), they help you gather valuable information about your products, and they can be quite fun for your clients. 

Plus, they show your customers that you care about them and that their opinion is being heard. It helps increase your conversions and build up a loyal audience.

Here’s a nice example of a brand talking to you in a friendly human tone and asking for feedback.


 Source: Really Good Emails


Use Accordion Menus

The accordion is another clever way to pack lots of information into a small space without the need to scroll. With an accordion menu, you can categorize your email content into tabs that expand and contract on user interaction. It improves the experience of subscribers reading your emails, especially on mobile devices.

This way, you can significantly increase mobile conversions. And that’s a key factor for digital marketing nowadays when up to 60% of email opens are on mobile.

Accordions can also help measure the clicks inside the content area of tabs to identify what sections are drawing maximum attention and to adjust your emails to your clients’ needs.


Add Compelling Sliders

A slider or carousel is excellent for condensing information and reducing the length of an email. It keeps your clients engaged as they click to see what’s on the next slide. Thus, you can showcase multiple products and services in a limited space. Sliders can also be used to generate curiosity and increase conversions by revealing information bit by bit.


Go All Interactive with Your Emails

Email marketing is constantly adjusting and evolving along with the shifting technology landscape. And its relevance in the modern marketing world remains as prevalent as ever.

When it comes to being effective in email marketing and raising conversions, it’s less about being salesey and more about creating valuable compelling content. Making interactive emails is just the right way to be unique, enticing, human, and fun in your email marketing campaigns.


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