How to Power up Your Real Estate Business with Flipbooks


Did you know that 48% of all surveyed real estate companies cited keeping up with technology as one of their biggest challenges?

No wonder, because digital technologies are changing the way real estate agents work with prospects. At every step in the process of finding, visiting and buying a home, you are now focused on enhancing the customer experience with the help of digital technologies.

We conducted our own survey with clients in the real estate industry to learn more about your challenges and how digital technologies can help you be more effective in your work. No matter if you’re new to FlippingBook or you already use it as a marketing tool, we hope this article will be useful to you.


Deliver Your Materials to Anyone, Anywhere

In our industry people mostly attach PDFs to an email, FlippingBook allows for a unique and impressive way to send final documents to our clients, which makes us stand out.
Marketing Director at a real estate services company in New York


A typical real estate brochure is a PDF somewhere between 20 and 60 pages. The problem is that such PDFs are very large and load slowly, or it’s not possible to attach them to an email at all. Plus, you want a more comfortable way to share the brochures, as you know that attachments get lost easily and are not convenient to view on mobile devices.

Digital brochures give you a huge advantage—you can just send a link to your brochure instead of a PDF. It makes your communication with clients faster and more effective.

We enjoy the fact that we can send our clients and prospects a link to our Educational Resources instead of having to attach multiple PDF documents to an email. It makes our sales and marketing process a lot smoother and more efficient.
Sales Director at a print company serving the marketing needs of REALTORS® in Canada

Plus, digital brochures are mobile-ready, so your clients can open them on any device—be it desktop, tablet, or smartphone—and read them any time.

And when you meet your clients face-to-face, you can easily find and open any material and show it right away on your device. It’s a great opportunity to go above what your competitors do and be more fast and efficient.


Provide the Best Experience with Your Content

We strive to showcase our insights and best-in-class publications using the most compelling online user experiences. We always look for the best communications and marketing tools for each project’s requirements, and many times that is FlippingBook.
Marketing Director at a real estate services company in New York

With the abundance of content on the web, it can become a real challenge for you to stand out from the crowd and engage new clients with your brochures, newsletters, listings, and reports.

The fact is that real estate brochures usually have property descriptions, high-resolution photos, floor plans, neighborhood details, and contact info. When sent as attachments to an email, they have to be saved in low-quality formats to meet the space limit. And even when they are well-optimized, there’s a high chance a client will miss an attachment in their inbox.

With FlippingBook, your clients will enjoy professional-looking publications with crystal-clear text on any device and have a good reading experience.

Here's how bright and compelling your digital real estate brochure can look:

Saccharo by Hutton & Hutton

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FlippingBook document looks more polished. It’s nice to have something more technologically advanced. Rather than just attaching something to the email they have a link to go to and turn pages nicely.
General Manager at a residential real estate company in Richmond

You can add high-resolution images, videos, and links to additional resources to make your materials more informative and compelling. The page flip experience, as well as nice background, bring a lot of value, as they help present your real estate brochures and listings at their best.

Check out a short video to learn how FlippingBook can help you outshine your real estate competitors with your interactive brochures and newsletters:


Create Strong Online Presence and Get More Quality Leads

The marketing landscape is constantly changing and diversifying. It’s not enough just to be paper or just to be digital. We wanted to give real estate agents something of value to be offered through mail as well as on their website, social media, or via email.
Sales Director at a print company serving the marketing needs of REALTORS® in Canada

In this digital era, the more you are online, the more opportunities you have to acquire new clients and engage your audience. For real estate, being online means getting another avenue for promoting your properties and collecting quality leads.

The FlippingBook format allows you to embed your brochures right in your website, creating a seamless viewing experience. You can make a gallery of property brochures or thorough educational materials if you position yourself as an expert in the real estate industry.

Plus, as digital brochures can be easily shared using the link, you can post them to your social networks to bring more awareness. They look fresh and catchy on the news feed.

You can also collect leads right in your brochure by adding a lead capture form that will ask readers to enter their email. It’s a great way to get more quality leads who are truly interested in your services and can become your loyal audience.

💡According to our research, 90% of emails submitted through the FlippingBook Online lead capture form are valid. Thus, you get high-quality leads right from your flipbook!

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Get Actionable Data on Your Documents

When you send out a PDF, you have no idea what happens to it. You can’t even tell if the prospect has opened it at all.

With FlippingBook digital brochures, you can use the built-in analytics and connect your Google Analytics account. It allows you to see statistics on how your prospects interact with the document—page views, average time pages were viewed, links and visitors tracking.

What’s more, you can send multiple links for the same brochure to your prospects. It lets you track activity for each individual link: analyze views and time spent for efficient communication and sales.

Using FlippingBook, we have identified that people look at the document with pictures three times as often as the non-photo sale catalog. We are finding that accessibility and ease of viewing do reduce questions and contact calls. We have fewer calls having problems accessing information.
Office Manager at a real estate brokerage and national auction company in Michigan

It’s very helpful to know how your prospects and clients interact with your content, as it allows you to get a sense of the prospect’s engagement and know when it’s the best time to reach out to them.


Use New Digital Technologies to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Digital technologies offer you a big opportunity to go beyond standard sales tactics, make more impact on your prospects and clients, and, ultimately, close more deals.

So, if you want to learn about new digital tactics and tools to make your real estate business more efficient, read our articles Top Ten Real Estate Digital Marketing Tools and How to Use Digital Technologies in Real Estate: Tactics and Tools and choose what suits you best.

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