• Installing FlippingBook Publisher - Troubleshooting

Most problems with installations can be resolved as follows:

  1. Close all FlippingBook Publisher windows, including error messages and log-in windows.
  2. Go to Start / All Programs / FlippingBook / FlippingBook Publisher / Uninstall FlippingBook Publisher. Should it still be there, then please run it (and ignore any errors you may see).
  3. Go to C:\ProgramData (make sure that browsing hidden files and folders is enabled) and select all folders that look something like this {600CA65A-D984-45AD-B655-E096A0BCA272} and then delete them. These are folders with our old installation data. Please note that the exact names may be a bit different, but all folders in this format can safely be deleted.
  4. Download this small program called Publisher Cleaner, right click and select 'Run it as Administrator'. This will remove all remaining traces of your old installation except your projects
  5. Now, please, try to install FlippingBook Publisher again. In very rare situations, antivirus software may block the installation. If the software still cannot be installed then please try again with antivirus software disabled.

If you followed all the steps and still have the issue, please, contact our Customer Support via support@flippingbook.com and we will be more than glad to assist!

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