Before purchase: questions and answers

This article has answers to the most common questions our users ask before subscribing to the FlippingBook Online service:


How does it work?

With FlippingBook Online, you convert your existing PDF documents into online flipbooks with a page flip effect. Just upload your PDF, and we do the rest! After that, you can simply share the link to your online flipbook:

Your readers will see it directly in their browser: on desktop and mobile devices.
FlippingBook Online is not a content creation tool. That means that you don't start with an empty page and start from there. You will need existing content in PDF format. If you have existing content in other formats, then it's generally very easy to create a PDF from it. Don't have any content yet? Our How to create a PDF with Canva? article will help you to a running start!


Why use a flipbook instead of a PDF?

  • It's beautiful! Your catalog or brochure looks so much better with a crisp page-flipping effect. You can even seamlessly embed it in your own webpages. No special viewer required! After spending so much time and money on creating your content, do you want it to end up as a boring link on your website that nobody downloads?
  • SEO. Yes, PDFs are indexed by Google and the like, but they don't rank up very highly in search results. Flipbooks are native HTML5 documents. Every bit of text in your document can be indexed by search engines.
  • Analytics. Have you ever wondered how often a reader opens your PDF? What pages they actually look at? For how long? Which links do they click? From which pages do they leave? Good luck finding out such crucial marketing information from a PDF! With HTML5 flipbooks you have this information at your fingertips!
  • Be in control. So you have a new update to your PDF. What to do about those 12,836 copies that your readers have already downloaded? If you use an online flipbook, then your users will always see the latest version. Downloading and printing are possible, but only if you say so.
  • Fast. When sharing your online flipbook, all you need is a link. No problems with attachment sizes or 100MB downloads. And when your readers open it, they also can enjoy your content immediately. Your flipbook is loaded on-demand in small chunks. Only the parts that your readers actually need are downloaded, just before they need them.

What's the right version for me to buy?

We offer different solutions to help you create flipbooks. FlippingBook Online is our most popular solution. It's a fully web-based service, you won't need to bother with installing software or hosting the flipbooks somewhere. Everything happens on our cloud. We offer different plans for FlippingBook Online with different features and limitations. You can compare them on our pricing page and our sales team will be happy to tell you more.

But we also offer a desktop version of our software - Flippingbook Publisher. FlippingBook Publisher is our go-to solution if you want to create an unlimited amount of publications and host them on your own server. We recommend you to compare the main features of our desktop and online versions of the software and choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you want to create tons of flipbooks automatically, then FlippingBook Automation may be the most suitable solution. 

Last but not least, if your flipbooks are intended for your sales force, then SalesPal contains a unique set of features especially for sales-reps and dealers.  


Do you have any discounts?

Yes, If you choose to purchase an annual subscription, you save ~ 25% in comparison to a monthly subscription. We also have a 25% discount for a non-profit organization. Please check our pricing page to see prices in your currency.


Do you have a free plan? Can I pay just for 1 flipbook?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a free plan. And if you need our software for a single flipbook, you will still have to subscribe to one of our plans. For example, our Lite plan allows you to have 3 flipbooks at a time.
However, you can try the FlippingBook Online Trial for free.


What is your refund policy?

Basically, you have two days (48 hours) to ask for a refund for subscriptions without providing a specific reason. After the two-day period, refunds are not guaranteed.
You can find more information in our full refund policy article.


How do payment and licensing work?

FlippingBook Online is a subscription-based service. You can pay on a monthly or yearly basis. As long as your subscription is active, your flipbooks will be available to your users, and you can create new ones. For monthly subscriptions, you can pay with a credit card. For yearly subscriptions, you can pay by credit card or bank (ACH/wire transfer) or raise a purchase order to get an invoice first. Note that purchase order is NOT available for FlippingBook Online Lite yearly subscriptions, although you can pay by ACH/wire transfer in advance. 

Should you miss a payment, then don't worry. We won't immediately end your subscription. We will reach out to you and keep your account active for 14 days while we sort it out. Your readers won’t suffer from dead links because of that.  

If you want to stop using our service, then you can cancel the subscription at any point in time to prevent further charges. When you cancel your subscription, your account will remain active for the time that you have already paid for. After that, your flipbooks will go offline.


How can I share my flipbook with my readers?

We have 4 main ways of sharing your flipbook:

  • by giving a direct link
  • via social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • with the use of QR code
  • embedding directly on your website

You can learn more about all of these methods in our article How to Share your flipbooks?

Haven’t found the answer to your question? Send us a message — we’ll answer right away!


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