Skandia uses FlippingBook Salespal to instantly provide dealers with the product materials

Skandia Window Fashions is a US-based family-owned window treatments manufacturer. Over the past 50 years, they have gone an amazing path from a back room of a dress shop to more than 170,000 square feet of manufacturing space. They are driven by high standards of quality and an excellent sense of style, always striving to give the best to their customers.


As Skandia does their best to make their product available everywhere, they are working with a wide network of dealers who sell their products. Obviously, to help their dealers with the sales they need to distribute a lot of supporting materials, as sample books, catalogs, price lists and such.

Previously, Skandia printed all the materials and their internal sales team had to carry all the massive of document to meetings. The team often spent a lot of time looking for the information they needed in the printed copy. Sometimes, they didn’t have the info they needed in print at all. Apart from that, carrying all the paper around and passing materials out is physically tiresome.

Looking for solution

Skandia team had already been using FlippingBook software to make web-versions of their sample books and other materials. When Nancy Wilson, a Graphic Designer as Skandia learned that they could do a mobile app as well, she quickly saw this was what her company needed.

We started to get requests from our salesforce and had a couple of dealers that showed interest when I asked. We started looking around and saw more and more people, especially in our dealer base were going mobile and integrating mobile into their sales pitches.


Skandia Window Fashions’ Salespal contains their up-to-date Sample Books and pricings. Now, when their salespeople go to calls, they only need to take an iPad with them. All the information is there, and people can access it faster, with more convenience than with printed copies.

Then, if the dealer likes the app (as they do in 99% of cases), Skandia’s team provides them with a link to download it. Then dealers can use the app to always have the most recent information on Skandia’s products, which greatly helps with selling to the end-customers. Updating and managing the app content doesn’t require any help from IT, Nancy and her team can do that all by themselves, along with updating the web-versions of their Sample Books.

Two core features that Skandia Window Fashions was looking for:

  • Fast access to promotional materials for sales team and dealers
  • Easy way to keep all the materials up-to-date and deliver them as soon as they are out.


At the moment there are about 14 people in Skandia and over 2000 Skandia’s dealers using FlippignBook Salespal. Here’s what Nancy says about their experience with it:

It makes the life of our salespeople much easier. Before that, they spent a lot of time looking for the printed pitcher, and it was difficult to carry around a lot of paper or pass things out… And with Salespal all the information is instantly available, it’s easier, it’s cheaper. All our sales force have iPads. So they love the app! And when they show it to customers for the first time - our customers fall in love with it too.

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