Customer story: The Right Place, Inc.

“The primary value of FlippingBook is that it’s allowing us to extend our marketing reach and have more touch points with our audience.”
Lina Lintemuth
Lina Lintemuth
Digital Marketing Coordinator at The Right Place
Customer story: The Right Place

How The Right Place, Inc. Improves Communication with their Investors Using FlippingBook Online

West Michigan’s economic development organization, The Right Place, Inc. (The Right Place), drives current and long-term economic prosperity in the region. They partner with business leaders to grow their businesses, invest in their companies, and ultimately create quality jobs in the West Michigan region.

Challenge and Search for Solution

The Right Place is a nonprofit organization, privately funded by donors, or “investors”. In order to engage the investors and keep them up-to-date, the Marketing and Communications team develops a quarterly publication called RPI Insider. This publication keeps the readers informed of initiatives The Right Place is working on to advance the West Michigan economy.

Historically, the RPI Insider was a printed publication sent in the mail to one representative of each company that invests in The Right Place. Due to the popularity of the Insider, many investors requested additional copies for their team members. In order to meet the increased demand for the publication and increase its accessibility, The Right Place decided to search for a way to share the content digitally.

Creating a digital accompaniment to the printed RPI Insider allows our message to reach more people within our investor companies, and offers an alternative way for investors to consume the content.

The company’s Marketing and Communications team conducted a thorough research of different ways to digitize their content and compared several tools. It was crucial for The Right Place to find a solution that would leave their publication as true to form as possible.


Their research led The Right Place to FlippingBook Online, which was a great fit for their needs. With it, the company could digitize their content and present it online in an interactive format. The tool guaranteed fast and easy access to the information for their investors.

The Right Place could now email a link to each new issue of the RPI Insider to their readers as well as embed the publication on their website. The web page also included useful guidelines on how best to utilize the FlippingBook version: how to enter a full-screen mode or jump from one article to another using a clickable table of contents.

A couple of our investors and board members have mentioned that they enjoy viewing the online report. I think they’re pleased with the convenience and the fact that it looks exactly the same as our physical version.

Since the RPI Insider is a benefit exclusive to the investors in The Right Place, it needed to be password protected. A link to the report and a password was all it took to access the document on any device.

If they’re interested in showing the report to other people, they can easily do it even without the physical copy on them.

The analytical side of FlippingBook was valuable for The Right Place as well. The company inserted links to specific pages of the report in their email campaign. Interlinking featured stories or releases allowed them to see what content their readers found most valuable.

I think it’s a good insight to see what the investors want to hear about, so we can continue to add more and more relevant content as time goes on.


Prior to discovering FlippingBook, The Right Place would only post physical copies of RPI Insider to their investors. Now, they send out both print and digital versions of the report to over 600 readers on a quarterly basis. The company first digitized RPI Insider in March 2018, and it has allowed them to meet the increasing demand for the report, while keeping costs in check.

The digital version of the company’s report has become an effective communication tool. It allows The Right Place to better connect with their readers and understand what interests them the most – something they couldn’t tell when they were just sending print copies. Based on the analytical data, The Right Place sees what content is most valuable to their audience, and thus can create and deliver more engaging future publications.

By integrating FlippingBook into our email marketing we’re able to see who clicks the links to our report and what engages them, which is always what we’re looking for in marketing.

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