How Ideal Standard provides its sales teams with promo materials in three countries using FlippingBook Salespal

Ideal Standard International is one of the world’s leading providers of high-quality bathroom solutions. They work in over 30 countries and have several strong brands that enable them to pursue their aim: to help people create beautiful bathrooms in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.

A challenge and the search for a solution

Ideal Standard has been looking for a simple, elegant way to solve not one but two problems at the same time.

First, it needed a fast way to share the company’s promo materials—catalogs and brochures—with colleagues working in three countries and in four languages. There are always printed copies and PDFs, but Ideal Standard wanted something more modern and interactive, something that wasn’t limited to text and images and that would open doors to more interactive ways of communication with videos and links to additional resources.

Second, it needed a more powerful and convenient tool for its salespeople that would help it use the information on hand faster and with more ease, so that sales representatives “in field” would have access to all the promo content on their iPads, could engage customers and prospects with well-presented interactive documents, and didn’t have to carry piles of printed paper around all the time.


FlippingBook provided Ideal Standard with Salespal—a simple, easy-to-use app that serves as a mobile library for its brochures and catalogs.

With its help, sales teams in three countries can now communicate with their customers more efficiently and with ease. They have used the app successfully at events and exhibitions, as well as for daily activities. When face to face with a prospect, they can not only show product details very quickly but can also engage and entertain a bit. Salespal handles these tasks to the fullest, providing text and video on the spot. It also has an offline access so that Ideal Standard sales reps need not worry about bad Internet connections when they are with clients.

Here’s what Marco Deiana, Digital Marketing & Market Data Specialist, says about how Ideal Standard’s sales teams use Salespal:

They use it [Salespal] when in front of the customer or while talking with them on the phone. They like to show products, videos. The difference from how we did it previously is that now our sales members have all the brochures on their iPads. They don’t waste time rummaging through different catalogs and can find the information they need in the easiest and quickest way.

Compared to printed materials, keeping the catalogs up to date is much easier and faster. When there’s a need for a change, the Ideal Standard team can republish the content via desktop software, and the new content appears in the app immediately. Thus it’s easy to deliver up-to-date materials to sales teams in several countries at once.

The key features Ideal Standard needed in the app were these:

  • Fast, easy access to company brochures and catalogs on iPads
  • Interactivity via links and videos right inside the documents
  • Simple maintenance, e.g., content updates through several clicks without help from IT.


Over 800 Ideal Standard customers use Salespal at the moment. The feedback the Ideal Standard digital team gets from users and their colleagues in sales is very positive. Here’s what Marco Deiana says about the response:

They [users] are happy with it. The app was quite easy and self-explanatory; no training was required. Once we introduced it to our colleagues in other countries, it was easy for them to use and distribute it. Salespal made a huge difference in how our salespeople show materials and communicate with customers. Easy navigation around the content and having the videos inside was very important, and FlippingBook Salespal delivered those capabilities.

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