Customer story: 2X

“Since integrating FlippingBook into our client’s marketing campaigns, we’ve noticed a twofold increase in the amount of leads that we get. And the conversion rate is now three times higher than before.”
Alex Teoh
Alex Teoh
Client Success Director at 2X
Customer story: 2X

How 2X Generates Leads and Increases Conversion Rates Using FlippingBook Online

2X is a marketing-as-a-service (MaaS) agency with headquarters in the United States and a delivery operations center in Malaysia. The agency provides a full range of professional marketing services—from creating thought leadership content to execution of demand generation campaigns via email, social media, and paid advertising.

Challenge and Search for Solution

Marketing-as-a-service is a lean, agile model that 2X and other B2B marketing leaders count on, as it provides a custom, yet cost-effective marketing experience to clients. Among 2X’s clients that appreciate the approach is WGroup, a leading IT management consulting firm based in Philadelphia, US.

Most of WGroup’s consultants are former CIO or CTOs with 25 years of experience, so they have the deep knowledge and expertise required to engage their audience, C-levels across a variety of industries. However, since C-levels are harder to reach than mid-level managers, WGroup needed a tool to deliver high quality content to them in a smooth format.

The search for the right tool was lead by Alex Teoh, 2X’s Client Success Director. His team started off with creating PDF documents for WGroup, but the format was clunky and not mobile-friendly. And while the company saw good results from demand generation campaigns with PDF downloads, Alex and his team wanted to improve lead engagement with the content, deliver more leads to WGroup, and convert them into clients.

We wanted to give any lead or prospect a preview of the content and then request them to fill out a lead form in order to get the full document. The document itself had to look better than a static PDF.

2X’s team researched the market with online readers and digital publishing tools in mind. The right tool had to provide a better reading experience with PDF documents as well as offer a way to collect lead information.


When 2X evaluated FlippingBook, they realized it was exactly what they needed. The thought leadership content they created for the client was transformed to look more professional and engaging than PDFs. Plus, the FlippingBook format was also better suited for online reading.

The seamless viewing experience that FlippingBook provides was what initially drew us to the tool. And its marketing capabilities—especially the built-in lead capture form—proved that we made the right choice.

So 2X started creating digital previews for thought leadership content with FlippingBook. Each preview was embedded directly into the client’s website. With the new solution, only a few pages were available for reading right there and then. The rest could be accessed only after a prospect filled out the lead form integrated into the publication as an interactive pop-up.

Before FlippingBook, leads had to fill out a form to read the whole document. Now, we give them access to the first three pages so they could get an idea about the content. We know that the quality of our content is very high, so any prospect is hooked once they start reading.


FlippingBook has allowed 2X to increase prospect to client conversions for WGroup. The content they create now generates twice as many leads. And since prospects have the ability to consume the content prior to filling out the lead capture form, they are also far more willing to engage when sales follow up.

With FlippingBook as a content and lead generation tool, our conversion rate to meetings is three times higher than before.

2X produces various content for WGroup, such as blog posts, white papers, strategy briefs, and cheat sheets. Being able to analyze content performance with FlippingBook’s built-in stats is a key advantage. Now, 2X can gain better insights into what topics or even certain sections of a document are the most popular and useful for the target audience.

Any thought leadership document we produce can include different frameworks, graphs, diagrams. Analyzing what people spend the most time reading or which pages are the most engaging gives us an idea of what they want to see. This way, we can create more of that type of content.

The company hopes to bring more of their clients on board with FlippingBook to replicate the success they’ve achieved with WGroup thus far.

Judging by the content performance and the rapid increase in conversions with the help of FlippingBook, the tool is something we’ll definitely recommend to our other clients.

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