Which product is right for you?

Both FlippingBook Online and FlippingBook Publisher help you create beautiful digital publications.
However, depending on your project and goals, one will fit you better.

FlippingBook Online FlippingBook Publisher
Software type
Browser-based. Convert PDFs to online documents and view them right in a browser. No need to install anything. Desktop software for Windows. Documents are created from PDFs in the software, but you and your clients can view them in a browser, anytime.
Document hosting
We host your documents for you. All you need to do is to upload a PDF, and we’ll do the rest. Host documents on your server and keep total control over access and security levels.
Lead capture
Collect leads coming to your documents with a lead capture form.
Document analytics
Track user interactions with your documents with powerful built-in analytics. Integrate with Google Analytics to see how people use your documents.
Branding and design
Add logo, favicon and your own background image to your document. Choose a custom color palette or select from 24 ready designs. Everything that FlippingBook Online offers, plus more. Tweak individual colors and transparency levels, remove control bars.
You can add YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia videos as well as links anywhere on the page. Add videos, links, popups, and GIFs to make your documents content-rich and interactive.
Pages editing
Add, edit and delete individual pages of your document when working on it in the software.
Table of contents
A table of contents is imported from a PDF, if it has bookmarks. You can create and edit a table of contents in the software. Or it can be imported from a PDF.
Subscription-based. You can pay monthly or annually. Lifetime license. After 12 months, updates and support come for an additional fee.

Starts from $59/month for the Starter plan

Starts from $699 for the Professional license

free for 14 days

free for 30 days

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy BOTH FlippingBook Online and Publisher?
No, you don’t. FlippingBook Online and FlippignBook Publisher are separate products that work independently. Moreover, publications created with FlippingBook Online cannot be transferred to Publisher and vice versa.
What are the limits of FlippingBook Online?
With FlippingBook Online, you cannot self-host publications. Publication design and branding are rather straightforward (custom color palette, your logo, favicon)—FlippingBook Publisher has more design and interactivity options.
What are the limits of FlippingBook Publisher?
FlippingBook Publisher doesn’t have built-in analytics (only Google Analytics integration) and a lead capture form. If you would like to use FlippingBook Publisher and collect leads with your publications, we suggest that you used third-party forms.
Can I use FlippingBook Publisher and still host documents with you?
Yes, you can. You can host up to 3 publications in FlippingBook Cloud with any license of FlippingBook Publisher. Hosting more than 3 publications comes for additional fee.