FlippingBook is named the G2 Summer Leader

We’re thrilled to be recognized as #1 Summer 2022 Leader in the Flipbook Software, Content Creation, Content Distribution, and Graphic Design categories on G2.

And we couldn’t have done it without you! ❤️ Your reviews and ratings made all this possible. Thank you for taking your time to give feedback, we’re always here to listen and make the FlippingBook products and services more convenient and efficient for you. 

This summer, you gave us a record number of badges—34 in total! So today, we’d like to share with you some of the most amazing badges we’ve got.


High Performer: From Enterprise to Small Business, We’ve Got Your Back

It’s the first time we scored in all business categories: Enterprise, Mid-Market, and Small Business. This means a lot to us! Because when developing the FlippingBook products, we always aspire to make FlippingBook helpful for all kinds of businesses: from a self-employed entrepreneur creating newsletters to a big corporation publishing online catalogs.

FlippingBook offers an opportunity to engage your audience in a new way. This was a new medium for our organization, and the engagement numbers were great. Customization like adding videos and other things are a great way to incorporate multiple mediums! Exactly what we were looking for.

Administrator in Financial Services

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Sales Enablement: Empowering Your Sales Team with FlippingBook

In the Sales Enablement category we’ve got three fantastic badges: Easiest Admin, Fastest Implementation, and Easiest to Use. These badges mean that our products have the shortest go-live time in the category. For Sales Enablement, where every day counts and sales workflow should be fast and efficient, the fact that anyone can start using FlippingBook right away matters the most. With FlippingBook, you can create a trackable link to your business proposal or pitch, copy it, and email to your lead. You’ll get the email notification when your link is opened and learn how exactly the recipient interacts with it right away. Plus, you can work as a team: create flipbooks in a private workspace, use private or shared folders, and integrate other tools for smoother workflows.

FlippingBook is a very easy to use tool, that's ready to go the minute you set up an account. Within seconds, it takes a static PDF document with little to no content analytics options, to an uplifted, interactive document with meaningful content analytics built in to ensure you know what's resonating with customers and what isn't.

User in Computer Software

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Lead Capture: Generating Quality Leads, While You’re Sipping Your Morning Coffee

You gave us even more badges in the Lead Capture category: High performer, Users Most Likely to Recommend, Easiest Admin, Easiest to Use, and Best Meets Requirements. By creating our customizable Lead Capture form we wanted to help make B2B lead generation effortless for you. Our build-in lead capture form lets you collect leads right within the flipbook and analyze them in one handy dashboard in your account, no need for the third-party services. It makes us happy to see that we’ve met your needs and you can empower your lead generation strategy! 


Document Creation: Combining Beauty and Comfort in Your Flipbooks

In Document Creation, we’ve got the biggest number of badges for one category—six badges in total! High Performer, Best Support for Small Business, Easiest To Use, and others. Creating documents is what we’re here for, so getting your approval in everything that is connected to making flipbooks warms our hearts and inspires our team to work harder to make FlippingBook even better.

Once you upload your PDF, it's very easy to actually create an online interactive ebook, magazine, or whatever you need. You simply choose the links, buttons, etc. you want to add there—and that's it. You can have a clickable (and nice looking!) magazine with a few simple clicks, nothing difficult to learn.

User in Veterinary

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