5 Halloween Marketing Examples And Inspiration

Halloween Marketing Examples And Inspiration

Tired of standard spooky holiday marketing, with either unoriginal or overly unique newsletters and discount banners? We have a fresh idea for you—surprise your audience with a themed online flipbook! After all, the spooky season is a time to be extra creative and impress your clients. 

The beauty of a themed flipbook is that it can be whatever you want. You can turn a regular fall catalog into a seasonal spectacular, or add a pumpkin spiced twist to your digital brochure. We’ll tell you how, and share some ideas for fun Halloween marketing. 


What’s a Themed Online Flipbook?

It’s a digital document you can create in FlippingBook. All you need is a PDF newsletter, proposal, magazine—or whatever else you want to make more Halloweeny. Our tool will transform your PDF into a digital flipbook available online as a direct link. You can add a themed design to it or freshen it up with your own branding; you can embed videos and fun GIFs on any page of your flipbook. FlippingBook is basically a one-stop-shop for your interactive and unusual Halloween marketing.

A flipbook is the perfect solution for Halloween. Why? It has ‘boo’ in the name! You can flip through the one below to get the feel of the format. Or keep on reading—we’ll go over each example in the flipbook in detail. 

Halloween Flipbook


5 Halloween Flipbook Ideas and Examples for Spooky Marketing 


#1 Halloween Catalog Inspired by a Book or Movie

A product catalog is supposed to show each of your items in detail, but the display doesn’t have to be plain. You can draw inspiration from any related book or movie. Do you sell high-quality tools? Add some ‘Chainsaw’ GIFs or references into your holiday-themed flipbook catalog. Are you selling delicious treats? ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ to the rescue!

The thing is, a popular culture reference can be an instant hit among your customers, can help you build a connection with your audience, and can even attract new clientele. Below, you’ll find our own example of a LOTR-inspired catalog. If you’re a ring manufacturer, you’re more than welcome to steal our idea! 

Halloween Flipbook


#2 Marketing Newsletter That Astonishes

First off, it’s time to update the format of your marketing newsletters. You can include all of your content into a flipbook and then add a variety of digital perks in it—GIFs, pop-up images, videos, links to useful info. Your newsletter will come to life on the page, and you’ll be able to share it with your audience as a link instead of an attachment, which might be the case for lots of your competitors.

Secondly, you can bring some magic into your newsletter. Why not turn it into a digital newspaper, not unlike The Daily Prophet? Let all imagery move on the page drawing your audience back into their childhood when they dreamed of getting that letter from Hogwarts, and then subscribing to that newspaper for wizards. You can give them a treat with actual Harry Potter GIFs, or include animation and videos of your own—stick to the subject you choose but in a new, fun design.

Halloween Flipbook


#3 Cookbook Filled with Halloween Recipes

This kind of flipbook will be a real treat for your clients and employees alike. If it’s an internal document, your colleagues can contribute their favorite recipes to it. And then you can add that Halloweeny spin on each one. And if you create a cookbook for your audience, they’ll appreciate your care no matter what you can come up with, be it monster cookies, octopus sausages, or spider smoothie bowls.

Halloween Flipbook

Needless to say, restaurant menus can profit from a Halloween theme as well. You can offer specials during this fang-tastic season and add them to your menu. Some restaurateurs display their flipbook menus on tablets, while others hide them behind a QR-code, thus saving on printing and rescuing trees. And don’t forget that QR-codes can be customized—you can have your logo in the middle, generate a code in festive colors, or add decorative elements around it.


#4 Wedding Magazine to Beat the Competition

Been looking for a creative way to present wedding pictures in your magazine? A flipbook allows you to add a pop-up image gallery to its pages, which could be a great solution. And the wedding videos can live on the page, too. But you can always go further—add drawings, caricatures, graphic portraits. And why not make a Halloween special, with a few pics edited in the style of ‘Corpse Bride’? This will help you stand out among other photographers or wedding agencies.

And even if you’re not a professional bridal or wedding magazine creator, but someone who simply wants to create a wedding album for themselves or their loved ones, you can benefit from our Halloween idea, too. For instance, you can prank your loved one with a few animated or intricately designed pictures of your own wedding!

Halloween Flipbook


#5 Family Album Everyone Will Love

Imagine you gather your fam after ages of convincing them and you all enjoy a wonderful photoshoot. Then you’ll choose a few best photos and print them out, while the others will be doomed to grow old and lonely on your flash drive or in the cloud. Instead, you can give them a platform to thrive—your own digital album in the form of an online flipbook. And you can even include all of the pictures in it without singling anything out, because your album can be as large as 2,000 pages, or longer if necessary! Feel free to include your entire family history in it, if you want. 

Your album can have inline photos and pop-up image galleries. If a photo becomes outdated or you no longer like it, you can easily replace it with a new one right in FlippingBook. And the best part is that the link to your album will stay the same. It’s a win-win for you and your family! And if you want to go the extra mile in terms of interactivity, you can add some family videos in the album, too. Your loved ones will love this unexpected perk. 

Plus, if your family photoshoot is thematic, an online flipbook is an even better hosting solution for the pics than a physical copy, because you can add all kinds of GIFs to the album to liven up each page. 

Halloween Flipbook

As you can see, any content can live and breathe as an online flipbook. So why not pick your most popular marketing collateral and turn it into something fun and new this holiday season with FlippingBook? 


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