• Why does it say «you have exceeded the number of allowed installation deregistrations»?

Each FlippingBook license has a certain number of workstations, depending on the license edition. When you install FlippingBook Publisher software on your computer, by entering your login and password and accepting the EULA you automatically register this installation in our system, using one workstation of your license.

You can see the list of your registered installations on the Workstations page in your FlippingBook account.

When you have used all of your license’s workstations you need to unregister one of unneeded installations to register new ones. To do that, please click the «Unregister» link next to the installation.

After the installation was unregistered, you will have to enter your login and password again to use the FlippingBook Publisher software on that computer again.

Please note that the number of allowed unregistrations is limited and depends on the number of workstations your license has. For detailed information please check our EULA.

If you see message: «Authorization failed: you have exceeded the number of allowed installation deregistrations. Please contact the helpdesk for further assistance.», that means that you have exceeded the number of unregistrations allowed for your license and you currently can’t register new computers. You still can use the already registered computers.

In case your unregistration limit was exceeded, our system automatically notifies our technical support, so you should expect to be contacted by our support staff shortly. If you were not contacted for some reason, please leave us a message via Contacts section.

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