For how long can I use my FlippingBook license?

When you buy a FlippingBook Publisher license, the license itself never expires. You can use it for as long as the software keeps working. However, this does NOT mean that the software and the publications that you create with it are also guaranteed to work forever. In this article, we clarify all the details.

For how long will the software keep working?

We guarantee that the FlippingBook Publisher software will work as-is for at least 5 years after purchase (or renewal) before it reaches End-of-life. So if the software is not End-of-life yet, but stops working completely for some reason, then we will provide you with an updated version for free.

If End-of-life software stops working, you will have to buy a new license. Your software may, of course, keep working for longer than 5 years, but we cannot make any guarantees.


So I can still use End-of-life versions?

Yes, if they work you can keep using them, but no, you shouldn't. We do all we can to keep our software up-to-date and at the cutting-edge, which means that as a result, your organization is too. All End-of-life versions are Flash-based. This means the publications you create with them are already largely unusable, and soon will be completely unusable. All major browsers stop support for Flash in 2020. We also have solved lots of safety, stability and compatibility issues over the years and made flipbooks GDPR compliant.


For how long will my publications work?

We guarantee that publications created with the latest version of FlippingBook Publisher will work correctly in all supported browsers and on all supported devices. Browsers and technologies change and yet flipbooks created with older versions may work for years. But if due to changes beyond our control publications stop working correctly, then you will have to re-upload them with the latest version.


For how long will I have access to the latest version?

When you buy a license, we give you 1 year of ‘Support & Updates’ for free. This means that you can install the latest updates free of charge and your publications are guaranteed to work. After the first year, you have the option to renew ‘Support & Updates’, which guarantees that you have continued access to all the latest software updates.


Can I renew later?

Yes, if you are convinced that you don't need any support or software updates, then you can renew later. This is possible until 5 years after your last purchase.

Suppose that you buy on January 1st, 2020. You will get support and updates for free until January 1st, 2021. If you are happy with that version then you can renew later. For example, if we release an update in March 2022 with an interesting feature or an important bug fix, then you can renew in March 2022. However, if you don't renew for 5 years, then you will lose the right to renew on January 1st, 2025. Should we release an interesting update in February 2025 then you will have to buy a new license.


What does technical End-of-Life mean?

FlippingBook Publisher relies on several other technologies beyond our control. Many of these have an implicit or explicit End-of-life too. Therefore, FlippingBook Publisher versions that are older than 4 years reach technical End-of-Life. (Note that earlier in this article, we mentioned that we guarantee that the software will work for 5 years after purchase. That’s because you also get 1 year of updates for free with your purchase. Hence we guarantee a working version for 1+4 =5 years)

What happens when your version reaches its technical End-of-life:

  • This does not mean that it will stop working right away.
  • But it may stop working at any point in time, due to any reason.
  • We will not take it into consideration in further development. It is even possible that the software stops working due to alterations on our end. We will never intentionally do this, but we will not test End-of-life versions when making changes.
  • We will not make any effort to assist you with any kind of problem or provide you with an alternative.

All in all, your End-of-Life version of FlippingBook Publisher could work fine for 10 more years, but it could also stop working 3 months after reaching End-of-life.


What help can I expect without ‘Support & Updates’ when my version is NOT End-of-Life?

Without ‘Support & Updates’ you choose not to pay for support, so you should not expect more than basic support. This means that

  • We will give you access to a working version of FlippingBook Publisher.
  • We try to help you with installation problems. But if problems are caused by issues on your PC/Windows, then we cannot help you solve those. (If you DO have an active ‘Support & Updates’ package then we will go out of our way to help you solve any problem, so you can use FlippingBook Publisher.)
  • In the software, we help you to a working situation where you can import a simple test PDF, and export the publication files to a local folder.
  • We will not help you with anything else. For example, we will not help you with ‘how-to’ questions, bugs in the software, problems with uploading or opening your publications, or problems with embedding flipbooks into your website.

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