FlippingBook Online Update: Meet Forms and Quizzes Integration

Let’s welcome June with a hot update from FlippingBook that many of our clients have been looking forward to. We’re happy to introduce the brand-new forms and quizzes integration! From now on, you will be able to add surveys and polls from Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, or Typeform right to your flipbooks. This way, you can get valuable insights and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Eager to see how to use forms and quizzes in your flipbooks to supercharge your content? Watch our video or read on to learn more!


How to Use Forms and Quizzes


🌟 Marketing: Gain Insights, Generate Leads, and Increase Sales

If you create promo brochures about your new products or services, you can use surveys to learn how your clients find your fresh product lines or features, what they prefer, and what they would like to see in the future. Moreover, you can add contact or order forms to your catalogs or newsletters to generate leads, let your clients order products, and make it easier for your readers to contact you from your document. For instance, like in this catalog, where you can fill out the order form right away.

Havwoods Catalog

Want to add a form or survey to your content?

This way,  you can always be on top of your customers’ needs and preferences and adjust your products accordingly. Plus, your clients will feel that their opinion matters and will always support your brand. Building a loyal audience is vital for all of us! 


👩‍🎓 Education: Enhance the Learning Process

Fillable forms and quizzes are great for crafting compelling interactive coursebooks and workbooks for your students. Add a test at the end of each chapter to check how your students are doing or integrate a quiz to help them learn new material in a fun and engaging way. Plus, you can gather feedback from parents and students through a form to create a closer relationship with your class and make the learning process more efficient. Click on Take the Quizz and see for yourself!

Your Perfect Textbook


👩🏻‍💼 HR: Get Feedback and Collect Applications

HR specialists can integrate forms and quizzes into handbooks or employee onboarding guides for collecting applications, holding performance evaluations, or checking in on new employees. Reaching out to the employees and being there for them will help improve their well-being and the company's overall success in the long run. Click on the Apply now button to see how you can use a form in the brochure to recruit new teachers. 

Teach First Brochure


💚 Nonprofit Organizations: Register Members and Carry out Surveys

If you work in a nonprofit organization, you can embed forms and surveys into your annual reports or research materials to receive feedback from your members and donors. What’s more, if you hold charity events or look for members and volunteers, add registration forms to your newsletters and magazines. Thus, you’ll enhance your organization’s processes and provide your readers with enticing and valuable information. For example, like in this Annual review where you can click on Join us to apply for membership.

The Christie NHS Trust Annual Review


👨🏽‍⚕️ Healthcare: Include Medical History Forms and Patient Surveys

Medical brochures and health guides can become much more effective for medical specialists and patients if they add various patient surveys, feedback, and medical history forms into the medical documents. This will help build trust and improve the doctor-patient relationship. 

Adding forms and quizzes is available starting from the FlippingBook Online Optimal plan. 


How to Add Forms and Quizzes to Your Flipbook

  1. First, create a form or survey in the tools of your choice: Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, or Typeform, and copy the link to the form.
  2. Then go to your FlippingBook account, choose the flipbook you want to add a form to, open the Editor, and choose Forms & quizzes option. If you’re new to FlippingBook, create an account and convert your PDF to flipbook in no time. 
  3. Paste the link to your form to any page of the flipbook. After that, press the Confirm button to save the link.
  4. Customize your form: set it to open as a pop-up or in a new tab and choose how your form prompt will look—as a customizable button or a clickable hotspot area placed over any design element. Click Finish to save the changes.
  5. Share your flipbook with readers and clients. The answers will be collected in your chosen quiz maker. 

You can read more about how to add forms to your flipbook and customize them to your liking in our Help Center article.

That’s it! We hope our new feature will help you empower your content, gather insights, and let you create a stronger bond with your readers. Go ahead and try forms and quizzes in your account right away!

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