How a Digital Marketing Agency Wins Over Clients With Interactive Pitches

Digital Marketing Agency Case Study

FlippingBook allows us to connect to clients and bring the magic from our physical pitches into a digital platform.
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Industry: Marketing

Product: FlippingBook Online

One of our customers is a digital marketing Agency based in London, UK. They create cutting-edge campaigns, oversee content production, and arrange live events for clients from all over the world. With a track record of 10+ years and big names such as Nike, TikTok, and ASOS in their portfolio, the team works across many industries including technology, finance, music, and PR.

What sets the Agency apart is their commitment to minimize the environmental impact. In addition to business goals and KPIs, the team establishes sustainability objectives for every project.


Challenge and Search For Solution

The Agency acquires new clients through detailed pitches, or written booklets. Each customer is asked to fill out a brief to explain their wants and needs, and the team comes up with creative concepts to address them. A campaign strategy of 15–20 pages with videos, images, music, and design elements is then presented to the client. There is only one chance to impress, so the pitch has to both deliver value to the client and embody the Agency's brand story.

To follow up after a call or a meeting, the Agency used to send the booklet as a PDF file via email. However, they felt it was not engaging enough, on the contrary—quite boring, as PDFs do not support multimedia formats. The team was looking for an alternative way to share and present pitches: something fun and interactive. For their clients, it had to become an immersive experience that would make them want to read the whole proposal.

The presentation format really needed to bring our pitches to life. We wanted to stay away from sending emails with PDFs as we were sure most people didn't click on them.

Given the Agency's sustainable mindset, they were also looking for a solution to go paperless and cut printing costs. And another challenge that fueled the search was the pandemic: the team, like everyone else, had to switch from in-person meetings to virtual calls. The need for a digital pitching booklet that clients could use on their computers or mobile devices, and interact with during Zoom calls, became evident.

As we weren't able to do pitches face to face anymore, our goal was to find a sustainable way to make our presentations digital, cost-effective, and interactive.

The Company also tried using Canva to create presentation templates, but felt like it was more of a mid-process tool for brainstorming rather than the ultimate solution to make a strong client pitch.



The search led the Agency to FlippingBook, and they appreciated the ease of use that came with the new software. The interface was very accessible and intuitive, both for the internal team and for clients. Something as simple as the page flip effect turned out to be a great way to keep the audience engaged. The flipbook format also made for a nice reading experience—clients no longer had to scroll, but were actually able to read the pitch booklet properly.

We've had feedback from clients saying that they love the interface and find it very simple and intuitive. On the other hand, it's so easy to use for our team. We never ever have to train people.

Using FlippingBook allowed the Agency to customize presentations to fit each client's brief. The team embedded videos to demonstrate examples of what they would like to do, added playlists to showcase their mobile music branch, and used pop-up image galleries to illustrate the concepts for live events. The Agency also started branding the booklets with their logo and unique color palette, and adding external links to their resources.

Sending a flipbook instead of a PDF was so creative. It emulated what we were trying to do as an agency, and allowed us to ensure the clients remember us as a brand as well as for our pitch.


The Agency has been using FlippingBook for five years now to present and share their pitches in a creative way. They use different skins to support the theme and background of the campaign, and infuse the pitch with their brand identity. With the lead capture form, each booklet becomes a stand-alone marketing asset.

The lead capture is very helpful, it's something that we use daily. We collect emails from FlippingBook and put them straight in our CRM to send marketing newsletters to these prospects later.

The team tracks analytics for various channels, and data from FlippingBook easily integrates into their monthly reports. Everything from seeing where people are clicking to how long they're interacting with the flipbooks can be measured, and that really helps the Agency in estimating the success of their presentations.

Also, adding videos to flipbooks made a big difference for the visibility of the Agency's YouTube channel. More people started watching brand videos once the clips were seamlessly placed within the pitches, and that led to higher engagement with suggested video content, and an increase in total views.

We really wanted to find a creative way to speak to our clients, and FlippingBook helped us do that, elevating our pitches with videos, animations, and sleek designs.

With interactive content getting 94% more engagement than static formats, traditional PDFs and printed materials are becoming a thing of the past. Using digital flipbooks not only saves printing costs, but also brings your documents to life and boosts reader engagement. Are you ready to make the switch and take your agency to the next level?

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