• What to do if you can't launch publication on your server?

Sometimes it can happen that after you have uploaded your publication and open it in your browser something goes wrong. For example, you can get errors #2035 or #2036. Here’s what you should do as a first step.

Сlear the browser cache

In case you have just updated the publication, keeping the same URL, some old publication files may still be cached by your browser. This may create a version conflict and prevent the updated publication to load. Some other cache problems can also lead to the publication not loading, and clearing browser cache may help.

Here’s how to do it in Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer. Or use this universal page.

Check that all publication files were successfully uploaded

Publication consists of many files. Sometimes one or more files may be missing after the unsuccessful FTP upload. Please try to re-upload the publication and check that there were no transfer errors during upload process.

If it still does not work please contact us

There are some more reasons why this might be happening. Our publication usually do not need any special server setup, but sometimes it may need some additional configuration tweaking. Please contact our technical support.

Don’t forget to provide a link to the problematic publication.


Note:  Publication may not run locally. Due to Adobe Flash security restrictions, publication may not load past 55% when you open the index.html file in your browser. You should upload your publication to your webserver to view it. To preview your publication please use the Launch button available after publication.



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