How can I change my credit card or payment method?

It is possible to change your payment method in your online account. To do so

You can change one credit card with another one, change from credit card to ACH/wire transfer/check/PayPal or vice versa, or even to Purchase order.

If you are currently paying by credit card but want to be invoiced for future payments, then choose Purchase Order as the new payment method. Kindly note that we support this for yearly subscriptions only. If you select Purchase Order as the payment method, then

  • you will receive an email from our payment partner Cleverbridge a week before the license will expire with an Order confirmation.
  • Based on the information in the order confirmation, create a PO on your company letterhead and send it to
  • Cleverbridge will confirm the PO and send you an invoice.

In most cases, a week should be sufficient to create a PO (remember that the actual payment can be made in your regular payment cycle). But if you feel this is too short, then contact us.

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