Keep your digital documents secure and private

Have full control over your online content security and make sure that it's available only to the right audience.

Keep your digital documents secure and private

Password protection

Protect your publications with a password to be sure that only select readers have access to your content. No more worries about unwanted viewing.

Domain restriction

FlippingBook lets you control where your content can be viewed. If you embed a document in a specific website or an intranet, it will be safe and secure there. Third parties won't be able to view or share it outside of your network.

Document sharing control

Control how people interact with your content by disabling Share, Print, and Download options. This way, your publications will be safe on the web and available for viewing only.

Document indexing control

You can keep private documents away from Google and other search engines to avoid data breaches. This way, only the people with the direct link to your content will be able to find it on the web.

Keep your content secure on any device

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