Reseller Program

Earn profit by selling FlippingBook products to your clients and partners. Our system allows you to take advantage of discounts up to 50%, depending on the following conditions:

Conditions and Discount Value

Total amount of sales you generate per quarter *
€499 and more €499 and more €20,000 and more
You provide phone assistance to prospects and customers on your website
No Yes Yes
You have a separate page on your website with our products’ descriptions
No Yes Yes
Discounts are offered for licenses and upgrades of Publisher
Discounts are offered for Publisher updates

* - You may ask for a relevant discount since your first sale corresponds to one of the abovementioned requirements

About our Products

Our main product is the FlippingBook Publisher application. With FlippingBook Publisher, you can create and publish documents, magazines, brochures, catalogs, and books to the Internet and social networks fast and efficiently. The application is available in several editions (Professional and Business) with different sets of options and features.

The application comes along with the FlippingBook Cloud service for storing digital publications. There are also several service plans and options to choose from.

The application holds a dominant market position, thanks to its high quality publication design, support of various platforms for reading (including mobile devices), high reliability, and services for publishing large documents and publications.

Target Audience

We generally aim at B2B markets. Almost any company may find our software useful when it comes to publishing documents, reports, promotional materials, catalogs, and brochures to the Internet.

We work with tens of thousands of clients in more than 50 countries all over the world, from individual specialists and marketing agencies, to global corporations found on the Fortune 100 list.

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