Lead collection

Collect quality leads inside your flipbook

FlippingBook lets you enhance your lead generation marketing. You can capture leads right within your content: simply convert your PDF into a digital flipbook with a built-in lead form. Customize the form according to your needs, gather and analyze lead data for successful follow-ups.

Lead Generation

How to generate leads for your business

B2B lead generation is easy with FlippingBook. Learn how to get more leads and boost your conversions with our simple PDF to HTML5 converter and lead form template.

Step 1

Upload your PDF ebook into FlippingBook, and it’ll be converted into a lead generating HTML5 flipbook in a few minutes.

Customize the design yourself
Step 2

Customize your ebook to turn it into a lead generation tool: insert videos on its pages to engage new leads, add branding for trustworthy lead generating content.

Lead capture form
Step 3

Set up a built-in lead capture form within your flipbook. Collect any lead data you need: names, emails, phone numbers, and more! You can use our template or customize the fields in the lead form to fit your needs.

Website embedding
Step 4

Now that your flipbook is ready, share it with your leads! You can email a direct link to your content or embed your interactive flipbook into your site for a powerful lead strategy.

Track readers’ activity
Step 5

Identify leads with our built-in stats: all the collected lead data is kept in a handy chart. Plus, you can track lead interactions with your ebook. Learn what pages engaged them the most, which external links they clicked, and more.

Have questions about lead collection with your content? Get an answer from our expert!

Сustomize your lead form

Why not give leads a preview of your content before asking them to submit their contact details? You can set up FlippingBook’s lead form on any page of your ebook.
You’re also in control of how the form looks—use our lead form template or customize the fields in the form to gather the info you need.

Learn what lead data you can collect
Сustomize your lead form

Qualify leads with ease

Once you’ve collected lead information with your flipbook, you can qualify new leads. FlippingBook keeps your lead data in a convenient chart in your Stats page—from each lead’s name to the number of times they viewed your ebook. Equip yourself with the right data for successful follow-ups and sales!

Qualify leads with ease

Empower your lead strategy with FlippingBook

Apart from a smart lead form right within your digital document, FlippingBook Online gives you other tools to make your lead generation process effortless.

Integrate with Zapier

The collected lead data can be delivered from your lead form directly into your CRM via Zapier integration. You can also get Slack notifications about new leads and send automatic welcome emails to them.

Track sharing

Get instant email notifications once a specific lead opens your flipbook by setting up a trackable individual link—track the content you share in real time and follow up at exactly the right moment for successful sales.

Analyze engagement

You can learn more than just your leads’ contact details. See how they interact with your content to understand their needs better—analyze what pages are the most engaging, which external links get more clicks, and so on.

Boost SEO to generate more leads

Want more people to discover your flipbooks online? With our public mode, your content will get indexed and ranked by Google almost immediately. This means, people will easily find you on the web, and new leads will flow in.

Boost SEO to generate more leads

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