2017 FlippingBook Online Updates (so far)

Can you believe we're halfway through 2017 already? Time sure flies. In the past six months, we've done a lot when it comes to product updates, and we will do even more. In this blog post, we would like to quickly recap of all the 2017 updates and give you a sneak peek of what's in store for the rest of the year.

What's Changed?

January: Multilingual Publication Interface

Starting from January 2017, FlippingBook Online automatically translates the publication interface (controls and tooltips) to your users' language, if it's among the 17 languages we support. It selects the language according to browser settings. So if you're in France, but set your browser language to English, you'll see the publication interface in English.

The languages we currently support: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Polish, Norwegian, Finnish, Turkish, Hebrew and Arabic.


March: Multistage Conversion

This one might not sound like the most fun feature ever, but it's very handy if you use FlippingBook Online heavily and have lots of documents to create/update in a short period of time.

How it works: We've changed the process of creating the publication so that when you upload a PDF, you don't have to wait till the whole document is uploaded and converted. As soon as the first 10 pages are ready, you can go to the list of publications and keep working with the software, while the rest of the pages are processed. Use this time to customize the document, or put several other files for conversion (if you need them fast, we recommend three to four at a time). Or upload all the PDFs you want to convert to FlippingBook publications, and enjoy a cup of coffee in the meantime. :)


May: Lead Capture Form and Basic Document Analytics

This is our biggest update yet, and it's going to be even bigger. We have a separate blog post about this, so if you want to learn how it works in detail, please be our guest.
Suffice to say that now you can generate leads seamlessly with your documents. And it doesn't matter what way of sharing you prefer! Create a document and post it to Twitter — get leads. Share it on Facebook — get leads. Just leave it be, wait till it's indexed by Google and — get leads.
If you're wondering how efficient it is, stay tuned. But we've done some early analysis and found that around 90% of email addresses collected with the form are good, valid contacts. There are other perks as well, especially comparing to PDF.

Please note: the lead capture form is available starting from the Optimal plan.

As for basic analytics, we figured if you collect leads, you'd like to see how they use your documents. So at this moment, you can see the total number of views your document gets, and the individual number of views by each person who's left an email address. Mind you, that's just the beginning.


Constant Backstage Improvements

Apart from releasing new features, we constantly work on improving the quality of the publications you create with FlippingBook Online. FlippingBook Online can process larger and more complex PDFs now. Links are better detected, and images on pages are converted with higher quality. Any issue with the document creation you might come across is logged and looked into by our developers. So the chances are high that each time you create a new publication, the software does it a bit better.

What's Next?


Advanced Analytics

Get more data, and make better decisions: With this update, you will be able to track visitors, page views, total time spent on the document and links clicked. This applies to collected leads, too: You'll get the full picture on how each identified viewer interacts with your document.


Better Publication Experience

One of our main focuses this year is an even better reader experience with FlippingBook publications.

  • Crystal clear text: Text quality will improve dramatically. It will stay crystal clear even when zoomed in to the max and on high-resolution screen, thanks to vector graphics.
  • Better readability on mobile devices: Text quality on mobile devices will get better, too. Again, thanks to vector graphics.
  • Faster page load: Publication will load faster thanks to the new image generating process. It will recognize screen resolution and device type better and load the pages accordingly, always choosing the option with the best size/quality ratio.


Adding Links

At this moment, if you want to add any links to the FlippingBook publication, you need to modify your PDF first. With the link adding feature, you will be able to add, edit and remove links anywhere in your publication (text and images) within the service, saving lots of time on updating your content.

If you don't have FlippingBook Online, you can try it right away! Learn more here.

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