Generating Leads with FlippingBook Online

If you want to know how your readers engage with your content, what happens to your publication after you click "send", and how to qualify leads who are sincerely interested in your content, the lead capture form is just what you need!

FlippingBook Online lead capture form is a great way to collect your leads. And there's even more to it: lead capture form allows you not only to get qualified leads but also to gather statistics on how your publication works and thoroughly analyze the data. Forget about sending your publications and never knowing what happens to them.


Let's Look at How a Lead Capture form Actually Works

When you add a lead capture form to your publication, people who want to read it leave their emails to get access. You can learn how to do it in our Help Center.

And when you want to see who left you emails and how many people viewed your publication, you just go to the Stats section.

In this section, you can view all the emails and names that people left. And by each email, you can track how many times this person viewed your publication and the time they left it. We don't have any integrations with other services yet, but you can export your leads information as a CSV file and add it to your existing mailing list.

collected leads

On the Publication performance graph, you can set a time period you want to analyze and choose the level of detail: by day, week or month.

publication performance
As you see, the form helps you reach people who are truly interested in your content: you can better qualify leads and see who viewed your publications. And to sum it up:
  • No matter where your publication is—on your website, social networks or somewhere else—its lead capture form will be gathering valuable leads for you.
  • You can qualify your leads by their emails: See the number of views and the times when they left you emails.
  • Even if you don't add a lead capture form to your publication, you will be able to see the number of views of your publication.

If you have FlippingBook Online Optimal or Advanced plans, the lead capture form is already waiting for you in your account. Give it a try, and let us know how it goes!

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