How FlippingBook Helps a Recruitment Agency Connect Candidates and Clients Through Interactive Digital Brochures

Recruitment Agency

FlippingBook gives us a nice point of difference to be more modern and interactive.
Head of Marketing at the Company

Industry: Human Resources Consulting

Product: FlippingBook Online

One of our customers is a US-based agency that specializes in senior appointments across the construction and property fields. Founded in 1989, the Company is now a renowned talent management firm offering executive search, coaching, and business consulting. Their clients vary from A-level Project Managers to Senior Surveying and Directors of Estates.



One of the main values for the Company in the placement process is taking care of both ends during each deal—the clients and the candidates. To achieve this, the team employs a special Matrix System that considers both hard skills and personality traits when finding the perfect person for a client's vacant role. They also assist candidates in their professional development with services like assessment and career transition.

The Company wanted to find a quick and easy way for sharing lengthy documents with their clients. With a new solution, the team also hoped to create attractive digital brochures for candidates to present job openings in a modern and professional way. For each position, these candidate information packs would have the hiring company description, a list of responsibilities and required competencies, a management hierarchy, benefits and support, and application instructions. The Company's internal materials, like employment opportunities or sustainability statements, needed a refreshment, too.

We've heard of flipbooks before, and thought they would be a nice way of displaying information for our needs. Sharing a link is easier than sending heavy attachments or printing items.



Today, the Company uses FlippingBook to create all kinds of online documents, mostly, candidate information packs. Turning PDFs into digital publications allows them to reduce the document size, which makes for easier sharing.

Our PDFs are rather big—they're usually 20 to 60 pages long, therefore, they can take up to 40 MB. Rather than sending out the document in PDF, we create a flipbook and share a link to it.

The Company brands the files to maintain a consistent look for all corporate documents. And adding high-quality images and videos engages candidates and really makes the client businesses shine.

We utilize branding, images, videos, GIFs, and stuff like that. Presented as a flipbook, our materials are nice and interactive, and are always displayed in high quality.

The Company also employs the flipbook format to make the communication between parties more convenient, linking individual pages back to their website. Similarly, they can embed email addresses in the brochures—so that clients and candidates would have an easier way to contact each other.



The Company's flipbooks receive highly positive feedback. The interactivity acts as a competitive advantage: some candidates say they have seen a lot of packs over the years, but nothing as good as flipbooks. Clients claim the same.

Actually, we used one of our packs in a pitch to our potential client, and the sales guys were convinced the new format was what made the difference. Therefore, flipbooks helped us get the assignment.

The Company continues using FlippingBook both internally and externally, mostly in sales. The marketing team has also created an ‘About the company' flipbook. This way, when they tell prospective clients or candidates about themselves, they can send over a summary that leads back to their website.

89% of prospects decide if they want to work with your agency before they take a call—by doing their research online. The candidate information packs that you share on the web can make all the difference for attracting top talent your clients look for. Are your recruitment documents and their presentation format captivating enough to stand out in the sea of competition?

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