How Brokers Can Help HR Teams Save Time on Benefits Administration

Benefits administration can often be overwhelming. No wonder, because year after year as an HR specialist, you need to manage the benefits selection and enrollment process for every employee. Registering a new employee, customizing Benefit Guides, let alone managing your entire team’s benefits–all this involves a lot of tedious work.

Is there a way to spend less time on benefits administration and to focus on strategy and employee engagement? Yes, there is–insurance brokers, experts in this field, can help you.

Brokers can offer you ways to reduce time spent on enrollment, create benefits packages and HR reports, decrease administrative errors, and let you focus more on making employee experience better.

Read on to learn more about how insurance brokers can help with making your work faster and more efficient.


Reduce Time Spent on Enrollment

Open enrollment season can be a very busy and stressful time for you. And one of the most important things is preparing early to help minimize the main challenges right away.

You should make a thorough checklist and prepare your materials as soon as you can, including a detailed schedule and all plan information. Audit what material you can reuse or update. By having a plan ready as you head into open enrollment, you will feel confident about your activities during this period.

Benefit brokers can help you survive all the pitfalls of open enrollment and ensure that every employee gets the right benefits exactly when they need them.


Ensure Effective Communication

With a massive amount of information out there on different benefit packages, it can be hard for employees to understand everything on their own and to choose the insurance that perfectly suits their needs.

According to 2018 Aflac WorkForces Report, more information is the leading unmet need cited by employees so they can be confident about their benefits selections.

That’s why HR professionals are responsible for educating employees on available benefits and the packages that provide the best options for them and their families.

Picking the right insurance packages and streamlining the value to your employees can become an easy task with the help of an experienced broker who can ensure effective communication between you and your employees.


Save Time on Administration and Decrease Administrative Errors

Benefits administration doesn’t have to be a never-ending cycle of paperwork, client support, and record maintenance. An insurance broker can help you and your HR team streamline enrollment, reduce errors, cut down the amount of paperwork, and ensure that your employees can easily manage their own changes with Benefit Guides throughout the year.

All this can be achieved by going digital with your Benefit Guides. This way, you will not only save time for yourself, but your employees will also have a more positive experience as they become more engaged in selecting their insurance benefits.

Thanks to the digital age, there are many online tools and benefits administration programs that can help you. For example, you can find a thorough list with such programs and compare them here. And, if you want to create a comprehensive digital Benefit Guide in no time at all, FlippingBook Online can be of great help.

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Showcase the Data and Make It Accessible to Everyone

When it comes to creating benefits, there are no general solutions. Every organization is unique, and every employee within your company has a distinctive health profile, family situation, and plan for the future.

That’s why, when your employees have data-driven customized Benefit Guides, they are in a better position to confidently choose the right benefits in a more streamlined manner. And benefit brokers can help you analyze and customize Benefit Guides for your employees.

In addition, if you make this information available online, it will become easily accessible for your employees at any time, making it much easier for them to thoroughly review the Benefit Guides.


Benefits Administration Can Be Fast and Easy

With the right guidance, digital tools, and support, brokers can help you and your HR team create and administer Benefit Guides without much effort and time. No more worries about the enrollment period, administrative errors, or customizing each and every guide.

Thus, you’ll have the opportunity to dive into handling recruitment, workplace safety, employee relations, payroll, training, and employee engagement. And you won’t waste time on administrative work.

How can you improve benefits administration for HRs?

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