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Product: FlippingBook Publisher

In FlippingBook Publisher Professional and Business, you can add content such as videos, links, images, and GIFs. This is a great way to enrich your publications and make them more interactive and engaging.

But what if some of your added content is outdated and you want to change it? Finding your outdated video is easy enough if you have an 8-page brochure. But if your publication numbers dozens or even hundreds of pages it can take a lot longer. In such cases, the Content Manager (added in FlippingBook Publisher 2022.3) will make your life a lot easier.

How to open the content manager?

To open the content manager, open the Content Editor. Then in the menu panel on the left-hand side click on Manage.

You will now see a list of all videos, links, images (pop-up and inline), and GIFs. The list also contains links that we extracted from your PDF. You can click on any entry in the list. This will open the corresponding page and select the content element.

You can immediately update the settings or delete the item. For example, suppose that you want the video in the screenshot above to start automatically when your reader opens the page. You only need to tick the Autostart checkbox in the Video Settings.


Finding your content

If you have several dozens of elements, you will be able to find them quickly just by scrolling through the list. Note that you can sort it alphabetically by clicking on Interactive Element in the header row or by page number when you click on Page. A second click will reverse the sorting order.

If you have a massive amount of content in your flipbook, you can use the Search and Filter tools to find the element(s) you’re looking for quickly.

  • Filter: click on the Filter icon and select the kind of elements you are interested in, for example, Inline Images. You can clear the filter by selecting All
  • Search: start typing text in the search field. The list will be limited to elements that match your search.
    • Links: the text is the target URL that your link refers to. If the link goes to another page in your flipbook, the text will show up as Page: <page that the link goes to>
    • Video: the full URL of the YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia link of the video
    • Images (pop-up, inline, and GIFs): the filename of the image that you selected.
      To clear the search field, you can click on the cross at the end of the field.

You can also combine Filters and Search, e.g. to find only Links that contain the word Facebook.

Note that you can also add new content by clicking on the + icon after the Search field and choosing the type of element you want to add. If you use a filter for e.g. video, then the + icon will turn into an icon to quickly add a video.



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