Distributing PDF files
shouldn’t be a pain

Convert PDFs into online documents with FlippingBook to make them easily accessible to your customers. The size of the file or the type of device your customer uses doesn't matter. Any document can be delivered in an instant.

Distributing PDF files
Convert your PDF into an interactive flipbook now
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Embed to Website

A seamless way to display your documents on your website

Get rid of the “download” gap between your content and your customers. Turn PDFs into flipbooks, and you’ll be able to embed them right into your website, where they will catch your visitors’ eye and draw attention.

1-click Update

Update published documents while keeping the original link

Update and edit your documents easily after you have published them online. Make any changes or fixes you need — the URL will stay the same, so you won’t have to re-post or re-send the document to customers.

1-click Update

A new way to share PDFs with your team


Use flipbooks to generate new interactions and multi-channel engagement.


Always have the materials you need at your fingertips, and share them in seconds.

Convert your PDF into an interactive flipbook now

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Our products

You can use either FlippingBook Online or FlippingBook Publisher to convert your PDF to a digital flipbook and share it with ease anywhere you need.

FlippingBook Online
Our browser-based tool allows you to turn your PDF into a beautiful online flipbook and share it easily across all your marketing channels to reach a wider audience.
FlippingBook Publisher
Our powerful desktop software for Windows lets you deliver your PDFs in a fast and easy way. Choose it if you consider hosting flipbooks on your own server.
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