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FlippingBook employee handbook software lets you create lifelike digital handbooks available as direct links on the web. All you need is a ready PDF—upload it to FlippingBook, and the software will convert it into an online employee handbook with a page flip effect. Each handbook can carry your company branding with a clickable logo leading to your site, a favicon, and a color palette reflecting your style. With FlippingBook, you can also add informative videos anywhere in the handbook to welcome new employees and educate everyone on company culture and policies.


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What is an Employee Handbook?

Also known as an employee manual or a staff handbook, an employee handbook is a document with job-related information that every employee should get—often on their first day. Created with FlippingBook handbook builder, such documents become authentic digital flipbooks where the employer’s welcome statement, company values, policies, and rules turn into an engaging online story.


How to Create an Employee Handbook Online with FlippingBook

Creating an employee handbook is easy with FlippingBook. All you need is a PDF version of your document—you can turn it into a powerful handbook with videos and your branding in just a few steps.

  1. Upload your PDF handbook to FlippingBook. The software will convert it into an online handbook with a realistic page flip effect right away.
  2. Customize your new digital employee handbook: add your company branding, set up the right color palette, and even brand the direct link to your handbook so that employees know it’s safe to click.
  3. Make your online handbook interactive. You can embed engaging videos about the company across the pages of your handbook, add links to relevant pages on your site, and insert photos—perhaps with the members of your staff?
  4. Now share your employee handbook online! You can send it to employees as a direct link via email or embed the book on your website or an intranet. Feel free to restrict further sharing to avoid third party viewing.


Employee Handbook Example

An employee handbook doesn’t have to be a boring set of values, rules, and regulations to follow. You can create an interactive and engaging handbook to make each employee feel welcome at your company. Just look at our employee handbook example below:


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💡 If you want to create an online employee handbook but don't have a PDF yet, we've got you covered. Check out these free handbook Canva templates that you can design and then get back to FlippingBook for creating employee handbooks right away. What's more, FlippingBook has a convenient integration with Canva that allows you to seamlessly proceed from designing a PDF in Canva to publishing your PDF to FlippingBook, where you can customize it and make it fun and interactive.

Create your handbook

Create your handbook


Features That Help Your Employee Handbooks Stand Out Online

FlippingBook offers a set of digital perks to enhance the viewing experience with your handbooks, make them secure on the web, and help you learn if they’re engaging.

Powerful branding
Promote your company culture with your handbook—set up a unique background and color palette, add a logo leading to your site, brand the direct link to your content. This way, when you share your employee handbook, your staff will know it’s worth reading, because you put your heart into it.

Interactive perks
Educate your employees about the company with informative videos that help with the onboarding, add links to company policies so that they’re always at hand, insert images to support your story. It’s also a good idea to add photos of your staff with names and job descriptions—this way a newbie will get to know everyone sooner.

Effortless sharing
Your staff handbook is available as a direct link, so share away! Email it to your employees or embed it into any page of your company website. Sharing employee handbooks as links is a clear benefit, since your employees don’t have to download anything or wait for the content to finally load on their devices.

Content security
Our employee handbook builder lets you share employee handbooks securely online, so you don’t need to worry about third parties accessing your digital content. You can set a password in your handbook or restrict content sharing, downloading, and printing.

Performance tracking
Would you like to know if employees read your staff handbook? With FlippingBook, you can. See how many views your handbook gets, which pages engage people the most and which you should work on. Learn which outbound links get the most clicks—is there a policy that your employees overlook? Remind them to read it!

Mobile support
Create online employee handbooks that are available on any device, so your employees can catch up on company info on their phones and tablets on the go. Each handbook is accessible in any browser and on any device as a direct link, and it looks just like a printed copy!

Instant updates
If you need to update your digital employee handbook, you can simply reupload the PDF in FlippingBook—the direct link to the handbook will remain the same, so you won’t have to resend it to your employees. Also, if you have outdated images in the handbook, you can cover the old image with a new one right in our employee handbook software.


Creative Employee Handbook Ideas for Your Company

A good employee handbook stands on three i’s: it’s informative, interesting, interactive. If your HR team sticks to those i’s when creating employee handbooks, the content will have the potential of going viral, like Valve’s employee handbook famously did. 

Make sure informative equals engaging

Informative handbooks can be extremely engaging at the same time. Of course, you should start with the format—lifelike digital employee handbooks will entice your audience from the first page. But instead of adding plain text blocks, you can spice things up with descriptive graphs, different fonts, strong visuals. 

Deliver interesting content in various forms

FlippingBook employee handbook builder makes it simple to tell an interesting story with your content. From the authentic look of your handbook to the content itself and the branding—you can weave a story worth reading. Make sure the content across the pages of your digital employee handbook is varied. Texts of different formats, images, links to useful resources, and video tutorials will do the job just fine!

Insert interactive elements across your handbook

While videos are an effective way to deliver your message, other interactive features can empower your employee handbook, too! Turn any image into a pop-up, so that employees can study your infographics in detail. You can also add GIFs anywhere on the page to liven up the content and keep employees interested throughout your digital handbook!

Luckily, FlippingBook has all those i’s covered. You can see for yourself by trying out our product—it’s free for 14 days, which is more than enough for your employees to appreciate the value of the FlippingBook format.

Would you like to create and share employee handbooks with ease? Try FlippingBook!

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