Share via social networks

FlippingBook gives you an excellent opportunity to make your PDFs a part of your social marketing campaigns. Turn your file into a digital publication, and you will receive a direct link to the document, which you can post in Facebook or Twitter—or any other platform your audience prefers.

Share Publications Window in FlippingBook Publisher Interface

With the new integrated online service FlippingBook Cloud, which is available to all FlippingBook Publisher users, sharing via social networks becomes even easier. You don’t need to have your own server to host publications. Thus, you can upload them online in a couple of minutes and share in one click.

Share via email

Forget about email attachment limitations. With FlippingBook Publisher, you can send the publication of any length via email. Just take the link to the publication and put it into the email. It’s convenient for both - you and you recipient, as you don’t have to attach anything and a person on the over side doesn’t have to download anything. So, even if they open your email on their mobile device, they will access the publication without any problem.

Share Window in Publications Interface – FlippingBook Publisher

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