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FlippingBook Publisher and publications' features are gathered in this section. Here you can find all the details about our software's features. Besides, for more information about using the features you can use our Help Center.

Engage and expand your audience

Digital Publication Features

  • Cross-platform support

    Sleek HTML5 viewer makes your digital publications fully available on any desktop screen and on all iOS and Android mobile devices. No special viewing software is needed, the publications open right in the browser and load immediately.

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  • Text Search

    FlippingBook search algorithms let you find the needed information in seconds, even in the very large publications.

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  • Social Networks Sharing

    Send publications instantly by email, or share them via popular social networks. You can allow your readers to do the same by adjusting the enabling and disabling features in your publication.

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  • SEO-Friendly Content

    Publications created by FlippingBook are search engine-optimized. This means that your content is indexed by all popular search engines, and therefore can be found and accessed quickly by people all over the web.

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  • Web Analytics Support

    Learn what happens to your publications after you share them on the web or send to viewers directly. Simple integration with Google Analytics helps you analyze your digital content as efficiently, is if the publications were an extension of your website. And if you use FlippingBook Online, you can see such metrics as number of views and visitors right in your account.

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Create publications with ease

Authoring Tool Features

  • FlippingBook Cloud

    FlippingBook Cloud is an additional hosting service to FlippingBook Publisher that allows you to keep publications online with us. It’s easy to use and helpful, if you don’t have a website, or want to stay self-sufficient, upload and update any content right when you need it, without any help from the IT.

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  • Table Of Contents Editor

    FlippingBook Publisher allows you to create a multi-level table of contents directly within the software interface, or import them automatically from PDF documents.

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  • Hosting on Your Server

    FlippingBook Publisher's built-in FTP service allows you to upload your publications to your website with just one-click. Enter your login details once and upload publications and revisions instantly.

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  • Localization Support

    FlippingBook publication is translated into 17 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Polish, Norwegian, Finnish, Turkish, Hebrew and Arabic. FlippingBook Publisher software interface supports 11 languages and allows to edit text captions, so you can translate the publication interface to your native language even if it’s not supported natively.

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