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Create a professional digital proposal that will tell you when to follow up. Make your online offer from PDF in a click, share it with your client as an individual link, and get notified when they read it.

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Digital proposal

Win your leads over with interactive digital proposals

P Printed proposals and offers are so last century. If you want to really capture leads’ attention, go digital so you can add links, GIFs, and engaging videos to accompany your offer. With FlippingBook, though, you get to do even more than just captivate your lead with great visuals—share your proposal as a link, track the lead’s activity with it, and contact them at just the right time!

Interactive digital proposals

How to create a digital proposal with FlippingBook

It’s very easy to create your first digital offer via FlippingBook software or in-browser tool. It only takes four simple steps.

Step 1

Upload your PDF proposal to FlippingBook to start the conversion process. In 1-2 minutes your HTML5 page flip publication will be ready.

Customize the design yourself
Step 2

Customize it. Choose a background template or upload your own, edit the color palette, brand the offer with your company’s logo and favicon.

Password protection
Step 3

Add some interactivity, too. You can insert videos, GIFs, inline and pop-up images, and outbound links into your online proposal.

Website embedding
Step 4

When you’re done, share your business proposal with your client as a public or a trackable individual link, or embed it into your website.

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Digital proposal examples

Look at these marketing and sales offers created via our online proposal maker! Your proposals can look like print copies with a page flip effect in a one- or two-page layout or be presented as slides.

Content protection

To keep your sales and marketing proposals safe, we equip you with numerous content protection tools. You can control the sharing, downloading, and printing of your document, make it invisible to search engines, or set a password for even stronger security.

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Make your digital proposal stand out with multiple design options and interactive features offered by FlippingBook.

  • Design

    24 background templates, color palette, paperback and hardcover options—it’s up to you to decide how stunning your proposal can be.

  • Branding

    Give your business offer a professional look and feel by adding your company’s logo and a favicon to match. You can brand your links, too!

  • Navigation

    Provide easy and intuitive navigation even through a lengthy offer with an interactive table of contents, thumbnails, and text search.

  • Video

    Sometimes it’s simpler to show than to describe. Add videos to your proposal and let them tell your story.

  • Links

    Add links to extra sources and to other pages within the document to help your lead get the full picture.

  • Pictures & GIFs
    Pictures & GIFs

    Illustrate your facts and numbers with colorful inline and pop-up images or animated GIFs.

Mobile accessMobile access

When sharing your product offers and business quotations with clients, be sure: your digital documents will look great and work smoothly on any screen.

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Quick updatesQuick updates

No matter how many changes you need to make in your proposal or how often, you can always update it in a click without breaking the publication link.

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Zapier integrationZapier integration

Create sales and marketing proposals automatically by integrating FlippingBook with Zapier. This will also allow you to deliver leads directly into your CRM and track your lead activity even faster.

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Work as a teamWork as a team

Give your sales team simultaneous access to the most up-to-date content with shared folders and documents, while also creating a private digital workspace for each sales rep.

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Our products

Create eye-catching digital offers with our digital proposal maker in no time, whether you prefer a desktop solution or a web-based tool.

FlippingBook Online
As a web-based tool, FlippingBook Online doesn’t require installation and provides all the essential features for creating the best digital proposals from PDF online in just a couple of clicks.
FlippingBook Publisher
Professional proposal software for Windows, FlippingBook Publisher is your best choice if you want to have more control over your proposals’ design or plan to store them on your server.
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  • I want to make a digital proposal with FlippingBook but I don’t have a proposal in the PDF format yet. How do I create a PDF?

    If you need to convert your business offer or proposal into PDF first, we advise you to read our blog post The Best PDF Creating Tools for Non-Designers. Here, you will learn about several popular PDF making tools and their key features. Choose the one that answers your needs best, create a PDF out of your digital proposal, and then upload it to FlippingBook.

  • Does FlippingBook have a free plan?

    No, it doesn’t but we do have a trial period instead. What it means is that you can try out both our web-based tool and desktop software for free, no credit card required. All the features, even the advanced ones, are available to you during the trial.

  • Do you put ads into digital proposals made or hosted with FlippingBook?

    No, we don’t. All digital publications made and hosted with FlippingBook are ad-free.

  • How many proposals can I make via FlippingBook?

    The number wholly depends on your plan of choice (or edition, if it’s FlippingBook Publisher). However, if you use FlippingBook Publisher and host publications on your own server, the number of flipbooks you can make and publish is unlimited.

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