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Want to secure your PDF or protect it from copying? Go above and beyond with FlippingBook Online—simply upload your ready PDF, and it will be converted into a digital flipbook that’s easy to protect on the web. Give your content the privacy level it requires!

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How to protect PDF flipbooks

Keeping your PDFs secure on the web is easy with FlippingBook. It takes only a few steps to protect your content from unwanted viewing or sharing.


Upload your PDF to FlippingBook Online—it’ill be converted to a digital flipbook in a few moments. Then you can work on securing your PDF flipbook.


You can easily protect your PDF flipbook from unwanted copying. Make your flipbook private, only available to those with the link, or viewable within specific websites. Disable Share, Print, and Download options, and no one will be able to take your content from you.


Take PDF security to a whole new level with FlippingBook Online. Set up a password in your digital flipbook for viewers to enter before accessing your content.


Now share your protected content any way you like: email your secure PDF flipbook as a link or embed it into your site. FlippingBook will keep it safe and sound on the web.

Direct link to your content

Direct link to your content

FlippingBook makes your digital documents accessible as private links, so you don’t have to figure out how to send secure PDFs via email. Available only to your recipients, your documents are already secure with FlippingBook’s reliable online hosting.

Document sharing control

While there’s no way to secure PDF files and protect them from unwanted sharing, flipbooks are a whole other story! You’re in complete control of how your content is distributed. Disable Share, Print, and Download options, or share your flipbook as a protected embed—only available within the websites of your choice. This way, you’ll protect your PDF flipbook from copying or sharing, making your content available for viewing only.

Document sharing control
Sensitive content protection

Sensitive content protection

FlippingBook can help you keep your private documents safe on the web. Simply protect your online flipbook with a password, and only select viewers will have access to it. Or, make your flipbook private: only you will be able to see and edit it in your account. This means you no longer need to lock or encrypt your PDFs—FlippingBook has your back and protects your content for you.

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