Lead Generation: How to Make It Work for Your Business Success

Many talk about lead generation these days. That is no wonder because effective lead generation is essential for every business. The logic is simple and beautiful: for your business to be successful, you need clients to buy your products and services. And to find clients you have to generate new leads. Converting potential buyers into real ones depends on how effectively you implement the powerful tool of lead generation.
Here at FlippingBook, we also think that the interest surrounding lead generation is completely justified. That's why we've taken the time to find the best ways to make leads for your business.
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Lead Generation One on One

Lead generation, as Lindsay Kolowich, a marketing expert at Hubspot, puts it in her article, "is a way of warming up potential customers to your business and getting them on the path to eventually buying." Lead generation is not a new technique, as we see, but it adapts to marketing trends.

What are the Most Effective Lead Generation Channels in 2019?

To generate new leads efficiently, the best way is to combine the lead generation channels. Different businesses use different channels depending on their purposes and goals. Here's the list of the most effective channels, some of them may be useful for your particular business:

Unconventional channels

  • A webinar is a great way to get to know your customers, to build trustful relationship with them, and to give them valuable information about your products. They will be happy to come back.
  • You can also collect and share success secrets from experts and thought leaders. By setting up interviews with experts in your industry to share their stories and techniques, you prove to potential clients that you have a serious intention to deliver the best advice out there.
  • In the digital age, outbound marketing techniques can efficiently work along with the inbound ones. For example, getting out of the building, taking part in exhibitions, and business lunches can help activate current clients and find the new ones.

Traditional channels

Don't forget about the traditional channels that have gained trust and respect through the years. They are the foundation for lead generation:

  • The website is one of the main places to convert potential buyers into the real ones with the help of engaging content, design, forms, and CTA buttons.
  • In social media, people can learn about you when reading influencers, themed communities, or just going through their newsfeed. Social media has become an integral part of content and search marketing. How successful will your blogging or researching be if no one's following your company's updates on social media?
  • Email marketing helps you to stay in touch with your customers and find and activate potential clients and prospects.
  • SEO includes everything from the keywords and phrases from your website to the types of links in your content and whether your website is tailored for mobile devices.
  • Content marketing is one of the newest channels but it has already become one of the traditional ones. Because the content, be it landing pages, blogging, research reports, or infographics, is a great base for all marketing channels. And, if you want your most important and successful content to be even more efficient and work for a larger audience then you can turn it into an ebook.

Let's now look closer at ebooks.


Why are Ebooks Becoming the New Leaders of Lead Generation?

Just a few years ago, it seemed like terms, such as electronic books and whitepapers, were fading away. But then—surprise, surprise—we witnessed a real boom of ebooks.

If we look at the Content Preferences Survey and the type of content used to make B2B purchasing decisions, we'll find ebooks there with 67% (accompanied with white papers (82%) and webinars (78%)).

Also, they have quickly become one of the most popular tools for lead generation. Ebooks "are one of the best ways to generate leads for business," according to Brian Carter, consultant, speaker, and writer. They contain extensive knowledge, giving your leads something valuable and tangible beyond simple texts and they can also be cheaper and more likely to hit a wider audience than other channels.

With the help of ebooks, you can educate your leads. If your ebooks offer insightful information to the reader, you'll be transferring knowledge about your field of expertise. This can be the beginning of a relationship between you and your leads. If you keep providing them with engaging and professional content then they'll come back to you for more. To sum it up, the simple but powerful words from an expert:

"The key, as always, is to build trust first by providing a ton of value before asking for anything in return." Demian Farnworth, an expert writer at Copyblogger


Ebooks made with the help of FlippingBook can be an even more effective tool for lead generation. Here's why:

  • It's always available online and clients can access it through all marketing lead generation channels.
  • It's easy to share.
  • It has cross-platform support
  • You can change the content in real time

If you want to try FlippingBook, you can learn more about it here.


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