Lead Generation: How to Start Generating More Quality Leads


Are you putting much effort into lead generation but your sales aren't growing? Maybe, you just aren't getting enough quality leads that convert into clients. Let's see what the ways to collect quality leads are.

First of all, if you decide to try to land more quality leads, you will certainly be on-trend. Different reports document this tendency.

For example, the B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn conducted a lead generation survey to better understand and identify new trends and best practices in marketing. They received over 600 responses. The report emphasizes that for a majority of marketers—68%—increasing lead quality is one of their priorities for the upcoming year. It also lists finding quality leads as the #1 challenge. This points to a bigger trend—quality over quantity.
three top lead generation priorities
Establishing priorities is a good start, and now it's time to equip yourself with various ways to generate quality leads.

How Can You Capture Quality Leads?

#1 Leverage email marketing

As it happens, emails are still a great way to drive quality leads. Almost every email service provider offers tools to make emails more efficient than they have ever been before: Segmentation, personalization, and automated emails are all worth trying. Email marketing also gives marketers opportunities for both capturing and nurturing leads. Ascend2's Lead Generation Trends Survey looked at the effectiveness and difficulty of lead generation and it found that email marketing was number one for 48% of respondents.
effectiveness vs difficulty for lead generation

#2 Try more content marketing formats

They may be time-consuming, but if you want to get quality leads, you will have to produce quality content. There are no shortcuts. Look at DemandWave survey in which around 300 B2B marketers shared the content marketing tactics that drive more quality leads. They named white papers, webinars, case studies, blogs, and videos.
content marketing tactics

#3 Use progressive profiling

This is a method for gradually gathering prospect information by asking questions step by step. Each time a lead fills out a form, you can use marketing automation to help you to progressively collect new and valuable information, which also keeps your forms short and easy to complete.

For example, let's look at how Hubspot works with smart fields for progressive profiling. Here, smart fields are replaced with queued questions. So, as you can see on the screenshot, in this example, you have already received the first and last names of a lead. Those two fields will be replaced with different questions the next time that user completes a form. For example, you could ask them for their company name and the number of employees.
progressive profiling

#4 Optimize your content

Don't forget to optimize your content and tailor it for different audiences. With the help of segmentation, personalization marketing tools, and user behavior analytics, you can optimize your content to meet the needs of your audience. And SEO optimization can be a great way to help you with that: It not only allows your content to be higher in search ranking but also helps people to quickly find the information they really need. For instance, the more relevant and theme-oriented words there are in your articles, the easier it's for people to understand that it's exactly what they are looking for.

By the way, if you make guides, brochures, or other marketing content as PDFs and use FlippingBook Online, you could try adding a lead capture form to your publications to drive more quality leads. This allows you to do the following:
  • To get content engagement: The FlippingBook lead capture form reduces the friction associated with accessing gated content—your readers simply enter their email address and name and can read your publication right away. There's no need for them to go to another website or to check their inbox to download the ebook.
  • To analyze statistics and qualify leads: If a lead leaves you their information, you will be able to see how many times they have viewed your documents and when they left you emails. This can help you to determine the quality of the lead more easily. According to our statistics, almost 90% of email addresses that people leave are valid, and you can work with them as leads. And that's a very good result, don't you think?

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