FlippingBook Online Update: Meet Advanced Analytics

Do you remember the sneak peek into our plans for the end of the year? So, here's the next big step for FlippingBook Online: meet advanced analytics in FlippingBook Online publications. 



What's New

Previously you could see the total number of views your document got, and the individual number of views by each person who's left an email address. Now your document analytics get a major upgrade: you can receive deeper insights and valuable data on how your documents perform. That means you are now able to make well-thought-out decisions on your marketing and sales documents, backed up with real data. Let's see what you can track:
  • Page views: track views by page to see how people engage with your document. Knowing which pages of your document people read and come back to allows you to see what works and what doesn't and create more powerful content.
  • Average time spent: it shows the average time each of your pages were viewed, also helping you understand how readers interact with your document.
  • Link tracking: see what links are clicked on and find out what the readers of your document are eager to learn about.
  • Visitors tracking: if your document has a lead capture form enabled, you can, using emails, track the links that are clicked on, and when and how many times your document was viewed. These information will help you gather more valuable data about your collected leads and choose the right time to contact them.
If you want to learn more about how to work with advanced analytics, read our help center article.

How Document Analytics Can Work for You

Now you are easily able, for example, to send your publication to a client and see that they opened it at 2 pm, spent seven minutes reading it, viewed pages 1 through 12, and then went back to page eight and clicked on the link there. The knowledge you get from analyzing such data can give you an invaluable understanding of how your clients perceive your documents.

Please note that the advanced analytics option is only available with the FlippingBook Online Advanced plan.

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