FlippingBook Publisher Release: Notes, GIF-animation, Wistia Integration, and More

Do you remember the plans for FlippingBook Publisher that we announced last month? We keep our promises, and that means the latest FlippingBook Publisher release with all-new features is already here!

Watch our video to find out what’s new.



Now, your readers can add notes to publications. While browsing a publication, they can right-click to place a note anywhere on the page and capture their quick thought right away. Notes serve well for bookmarking pages, highlighting important points, sketching ideas, and more.

If you create educational or training materials, notes are a great way for your readers to bookmark important info and add comments and questions for their studies or work.

This way, your educational publications become as easy and comfortable to work with as printed textbooks. Not to mention that they are digital, nice looking and can be viewed on any device.

And if you publish product catalogs, notes will help your clients mark the items they are interested in while looking through the pages and get back to them while making the purchase.

No matter if your catalogs have more than a thousand pages, your clients won’t get lost and forget about the products they want to buy - thanks to notes that will help them mark everything they need. So, you’ll have more purchases from your digital catalogs.



You are now able to embed GIFs into your publications in the same way you already do videos and popups.

GIFs can be very helpful in storytelling. People can engage with this format quickly (like they would with a still image), and can gain knowledge from the highlighted movement (like they would from a video).

Animated GIFs can be used to illustrate complex ideas in an easy way - for example, to explain new concepts or data in your educational or training materials.

If you create catalogs, you can make great use of GIFs by showcasing products and enticing readers. What’s more, using an animated GIF adds an element of delight and humor to your publication, if you want to lighten the mood up.

You can set the GIF to autostart each time the page is opened. And, you can loop the animation to play again and again.

You can read more about adding GIFs here.


Wistia Integration

Wistia is one of the most popular video-hosting platforms for business. If you store your videos on Wistia, you are now able to embed them into your publications and benefit from both types of your content - text and video.

Read how to add Wistia videos here.



New Highlight Mode

The interactive elements on a page got a new highlight mode. If your reader clicks anywhere on a publication page, all the interactive elements are highlighted and will stay that way. Another click on the page hides them. It’s very helpful to see what’s clickable on a page and it makes finding links and popup images even easier and more intuitive.
highlight mode


Please note that all these features work only in HTML5 publications. So If you create Flash publications, we highly recommend to move them to HTML5. Not only Flash lacks new features, but over 80% of your users cannot access Flash publications at all. Learn more.


Want to See the New Features in Action?

Go ahead and download our newest 2.9.30 FlippingBook Publisher release and share your thoughts in the comments below. If you have any questions about how they work, we’ll be happy to answer. You can view the full list of new features in release notes


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