Your Reviews Made FlippingBook a G2 Fall Leader

The Fall is here, but we’re all warm and fuzzy inside—all thanks to your beautiful reviews of FlippingBook on G2. With your help, we’ve been recognized as Fall 2022 Leaders across 11 categories! Among them, Flipbook Software, Content Creation, Sales Enablement, Content Distribution, and Lead Capture—all the things we work on every day. So thank you for your trust and your support, it really means the world to our team.

This time, there are 28 badges in total to show off, but we’ve picked the most exciting ones and put together a neat flipbook we’d like to share. Let’s take a look:

FlippingBook’s G2 Fall 2022 Report

FlippingBook's G2 Fall 2022 Report

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So, what have our users noted in FlippingBook throughout the past three months?


High Performers: Features That Matter

We’ve been named Leaders and High Performers in 6 categories, including Sales Enablement, Lead Capture, and Content Analytics. This is amazing as it proves that you see flipbooks the way we do—not only as beautiful publications, but as valuable business tools that help you attract new clients and make data-driven decisions. 

I love how it turns our marketing literature, such as multi-page brochures and catalogs, into live pieces to view electronically.
User in Marketing


Ease of Use: Fast and Efficient for Everyone

You know what FlippingBook's learning curve is? It’s flat. You can literally create an account and share your first flipbook in a couple of minutes. It will look amazing as is and will be easy to share via any channel you prefer. We’re recognized for ease of use in Document Creation, Lead Capture, and Web and Content Experiences categories, meaning our core features stand strong. 💪 And it’s true for both Small and Mid-market Businesses, so we’re very happy about it!

The functionality, configuration, user experience and options are excellent and are one of the most advanced of all flipbook software we trialed.
User in Training


Client Relationships: It’s All About You

These badges take a special place in our hearts. We believe that a good service is no less important than a good product. Questions arise, issues happen, and being able to help you fast and efficiently is our number one priority. So this seems like the perfect time to remind you that if you have any questions or comments, we’re here! You can contact us via chat, email, or phone, and we’ll be happy to talk. 


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