Podcast Advertising: Helping Small and Local Businesses with a Targeted Marketing Campaign

Advertising has changed. Relying on traditional media and other conventional marketing channels is no longer the recipe for success. You can continue to use those channels if you prefer, but no one may be on the end to receive the message.

It’s all about digital advertising now. In all likelihood, you’re already taking advantage of digital marketing channels.

Businesses of all sizes have migrated to social media en masse. Check for the establishments in your area on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and you’ll likely find their profiles pretty easily. Using social media is a must, but that’s not the only way to advertise digitally. Podcast advertising is another option worth exploring.

This article will highlight the unique value businesses can extract from effective podcast advertising. We’ll also discuss how relying on podcasts can be especially helpful to small businesses.

By the end of this article, you’ll see why now is as good a time as any to start podcasting. At the very least, you’ll find out why podcast advertising can become a larger part of your overall marketing campaign.


The Benefits of Podcast Advertising

Is it truly worth your time as a small business owner to invest in podcasts? The strategy is certainly far from foolproof but the risk is not as great as you think.

The prospect of investing in podcasts only becomes more appealing once you realize the potential benefits.

Podcasts are immensely popular and will continue to be

It’s hard to dispute how in demand podcasts are today, but many may fail to realize just how far the medium has come. 

Consider some of the eye-opening statistics provided by Statista. The site notes that in 2009, around 22 percent of Americans have listened to an audio podcast. As of 2019, that number has more than doubled and is now at 51 percent. The growth in popularity that podcasts currently enjoy is almost hard to believe but then again, you probably know more than a few people who listen to a few shows regularly.

Does this mean that podcasts have peaked and their popularity is set to either plateau or drop in the coming years? Projections suggest otherwise. By 2024, it’s expected that an estimated 164 million people will be monthly listeners of at least some kind of podcast.

The point here is that if you’re hesitant to advertise on podcasts because you’re afraid the bubble is about to burst, you have no real reason to be concerned.

Podcast advertising can improve how consumers perceive your business 

Many podcasts are recorded in such a way that they sound like friends having conversations. Often, it’s because the hosts are actual friends conversing about a topic that interests them. If not that, some hosts will take on the role of storyteller. They will use their familiar voice to help you better understand a story and make it more meaningful.

Once you become a fan of a certain show, you inevitably become a fan of the host or hosts as well. You don’t just perceive them as a host that specializes in podcasts. They also turn into your companions during your daily commutes or throughout the workday even. That’s why for many listeners, their favorite hosts endorsing a product or services tend to resonate more. You’re hearing good things about a product or service from someone you trust and that will cause you to pay more attention.

Get a popular podcast host to endorse your product or service and there’s a good chance that more than a few listeners will take notice of what you’re offering.

Podcast advertising helps with targeted marketing

Many of the most popular podcasts today are geared toward a general audience. However, the medium is also making headway into local markets. You can hit Google in search of podcasts that focus on your industry and chances are you’ll stumble upon at least a few shows. The onus is now on you as the small business owner to figure out how to use those local podcasts to your advantage.


How Local Podcasts Can Boost Small Businesses

Signing an advertising deal with one of the top podcasts may be a bit unrealistic for small business owners. But that’s fine because focusing on local podcasts can still be hugely beneficial to your business. For the best customer experience, you can also offer special discount codes that listeners can use for your business. 

Staying local can boost brand recognition

Many consumers today understand the importance of supporting small businesses. Unfortunately, those small businesses often have to contend with big brands. Once those big brands flex their financial muscle, the small businesses may have a hard time garnering any attention. 

That’s why partnering with a local podcast can be good for your small business.

Some podcast listeners may have been looking for something similar to what you offer, but have not heard about your business previously. A word from a trusted local could be the nudge they need to check out your products and/or services.

All it takes is a few members of the community creating a buzz about your small business. From there, great things can happen.

Podcast advertising gives small businesses a chance to rebrand

Fair or not, there’s a perception that small businesses lag behind their larger competitors. Many consumers see small businesses as these old fashioned mom and pop stores. That’s obviously not the case in many situations but most consumers cannot be bothered to take a second look.

By partnering with a local podcast, a small business can effectively update their image. They can rebrand as the tech-savvy local business that understands how to best serve customers with the tools currently available. Pair your podcast advertising campaign with a website overhaul and you can really start to turn some heads.

You can effectively modernize your business website by using tools such as FlippingBook. With the help of FlippingBook, you can make your content more presentable and more engaging. It’s a great tool to utilize if your goal is to show your customers that your business is well equipped to deal with the digital age.


How to Find the Right Podcast Advertising Partner

The value of podcast advertising for local businesses is easy to understand. Now, it’s time to figure out how to extract it.

Ideally, you’ll be able to find a podcast that is related to your business and work out a deal with the show. That way, your ad will seem like a natural fit when it’s being read by the host that specializes in podcasts.

If you are just starting out with a local podcast, you can try to forge a deal with the popular shows in your area. You’ll have to work harder to present them with an ad that makes sense, provided the potential benefits are still worth it. 


How to Create a Compelling Ad

After finding the right podcast partner, you can now focus on crafting the ad that will boost your small business.

The first thing you need to work on is the content of your ad. You want the ad to provide a good summary of what your business offers while remaining compelling. Get straight to the point and remember to include the most important details. It would also be best if you could offer changing scripts for the ad reads. Updating your ads from time to time can make them stick better in the minds of listeners. You can also offer special discount codes that listeners can use for your business. That will further increase the chances of you landing a new customer. 

Don’t shy away from giving the host some freedom as well. Some podcast hosts have made an art out of the ad read, and they can make your copy more engaging. You also have to pick the right time to have your ad read by the host. Ads can be read before the start of the show (pre-roll), during the show (mid-roll), or after the show (post-roll). Typically, advertisers avoid post-roll spots because listeners may have tuned out already by then. Meanwhile, some listeners may just skip ahead to avoid the opening ad read. So, negotiate a mid-roll ad read by the host if you want as many listeners hearing about your business.

If you are promoting your podcast’s ad on social media, you can use social media management tools to keep in track with your ads, because some small businesses don’t have enough resources to spend on marketing.


Start Podcasting Yourself

Partnering with an established podcast is a good way to get solid results from your targeted marketing campaign right away but that is not your only option. If you are so inclined, you can start podcasting yourself.

Podcasting is not an endeavor to be taken lightly. You will need the right podcast equipment, interesting topics to talk about, and hosts that can make the conversation compelling. Starting your own podcast can be a risky move. Still, if you manage to pull that off, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better advertising vehicle for your small business.

Podcasts are here to stay and that is good for both content creators and advertisers alike. In search of a way to raise the profile of your small business, don’t dismiss podcast advertising. It could provide the exact type of boost your business venture needs. 

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Lidia S. Hovhan is a part of Content and Marketing team at OmnicoreAgency. She contributes articles about how to integrate digital marketing strategy with traditional marketing to help business owners to meet their online goals. You can find really professional insights in her writings. Connect with her on LinkedIn.


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